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The East Penn School District is located in the Lehigh Valley's metropolitan area. The K-12 enrollment in October of 2010 was 8038 which included 3535 elementary, 1881 at the two middle schools and 2622 at the senior high.
East Penn is noted for its academic excellence. Of the Class of 2011, 55% are attending four-year colleges or universities, 24% are attending two-year colleges and 3% are attending business, nursing or technical schools for a total of 82% seeking higher education. Twenty (20) advanced placement courses and 23 honors courses are offered at the high school. There are classes for special needs students and academically gifted on all levels. Student activities include dramatics and musical performances as well as an active club program. At the secondary level, 22 varsity and 12 junior varsity sports are offered with over one-third of the students participating. The East Penn staff consists of approximately 542 professional and 422 support members. 83.2% of the teachers hold a master degree or beyond... more

Mission Statement: The East Penn School District will provide a learning environment in which students become problem solvers, collaborators and critical thinkers.

Vision Statement: The East Penn School District will empower students to maximize their individual potential and become lifelong learners and contributors to a global society.

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