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The websites below are links to websites outside of the East Penn School District. The Harcourt links will provide you with information about our district's Math series. As always, please make sure your child is supervised when visiting the world wide web.

Harcourt Math Resources

 Harcourt School Publishers-Math series Home Page

 Click on the icon below gain access to the Math Practice Book online.


CHAPTER 1-Place Value of Whole Numbers

Think Math-Place Value

Toon University

Place Value Master

CHAPTER 2-Place Value of Decimals

 Place Value Pirates-Decimals

Decimal Squares

Equivalent Decimals

CHAPTER 3-Addition & Subtraction and Rounding of Whole Numbers

Fun Brain-Place Value Puzzler

PBS Kids-Estimation Contraption

Academic Skill Builders-Alien Addition (easy)

Academic Skill Builders-Minus Mission (easy)

Fun Brain-Addition and Subtraction Games (medium to hard)

CHAPTER 4-Addition & Subtraction of Decimals

Fun Brain-Addition with 3 Decimals

Fun Brain-Subtraction with 2 Decimals

Fun Brain-Addition with 3 Decimals

Fun Brain-Subtraction with 2 Decimals

CHAPTER 6-Algebra with Multiplication

Hoop Shot-Equations with + and -

Hoop Shot-Equations with x and /

Hoop Shot-two step equations

Order of Operations game

CHAPTER 9-Multiply Whole Numbers

Academic Skill Builders-Multiplication Games

Math Playground-Timed Fact Flash Cards Place Monster


Weekly Reader-Multiplication Station

CHAPTER 10-Multiply Decimals

Football Decimal Multiplication



CHAPTER 11-Division by 1-digit Divisors

Explaination and Practice

FunBrain Divisiion Football

Apple Baskets Division

Snork's Long Division Game

Lake Mathatobie Division Game

Sunny Bunny Division Game

Turbo Skid Division Game

Math Frog Division Game

Moon Math Division Game

Division Flash Cards

Division Hidden Number

Timed Division

 CHAPTER 13-Division of Decimals by Whole Numbers

 Decimal Review w/ Division

CHAPTER 21-Integers

Line Jumper-adding and subtracting integers

Train Order-ordering integers

Integer Addition

Integer Football

CHAPTER 22-Coordinate Planes & Geometry

CHAPTER 23-Plane Figures

CHAPTER 24-Plane & Solid Figures

Alien Angle Invasion 

CHAPTER 25-Measurement

Measurement Game

Lots of Measurement Games

More Measurement Games

CHAPTER 28-Ratio, Proportion, & Scale

Ratio Racing Games

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