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Harcourt Storytown Online Readers

Red Books

Lesson 1: Wrong Way!
Lesson 2: Last at Bat
Lesson 3: Hector's Talent
Lesson 4: Harriett Tubman: American Hero
Lesson 5: Show Me How Day
Lesson 6: Friday the Juneteenth
Lesson 7: The Absentminded Performer
Lesson 8: Daughters of the Revolution
Lesson 9: Leonardo da Vinci and the City of Florence
Lesson 10: In the Fish Kitchen
Lesson 11: Rescue! Grace Darling's Story
Lesson 12: The Arctic Ocean: A Changing Sea
Lesson 13: Mississippi Marvis Barnes
Lesson 14: Wheels on the Water
Lesson 15: Coyote and the Volcano: A Shasta Tale
Lesson 16: A Change of Heart
Lesson 17: Boring Old Duffield Street
Lesson 18: The Class Carnival
Lesson 19: Marie Curie: Against All Odds
Lesson 20: The Grand Taskmaster
Lesson 21: Marvelous Marine Mammals
Lesson 22: Nina Wows KWOW
Lesson 23: Incredible Eddie
Lesson 24: Jar of Wings
Lesson 25: The Clean Machine
Lesson 26: The Corps of Discovery
Lesson 27: Calamity Jane: Adventurer and Leader
Lesson 28: The Sensational Seven Summits
Lesson 29: A Scrapbook from the Moon
Lesson 30: Exploring Redwood National Park

  Blue Books
Lesson 1: Catarina Speaks
Lesson 2: For the Love of the Game
Lesson 3: A Dog's Life
Lesson 4: James Pittar: Swimming the Continents
Lesson 5: A Winning Attitude
Lesson 6: My Abuelita
Lesson 7: What a Circus!
Lesson 8: Walk the Freedom Trail
Lesson 9: The Search for the Trojan Horse
Lesson 10: There Is No I in Team
Lesson 11: Sailing Boy: William Fish Williams's Story
Lesson 12: Sea Trip: Exploring a Coral Reef
Lesson 13: Balina
Lesson 14: Water on the Rise!
Lesson 15: The Story of Prairie Rose, Based on a Sioux Myth
Lesson 16: Juan's Story
Lesson 17: Nothing Ever Happens on the Farm
Lesson 18: "Dyeing" to Win
Lesson 19: Benjamin Banneker: A Man Ahead of His Time
Lesson 20: Trivia Trails
Lesson 21: The Gentle Lions of the Sea
Lesson 22: A Friendly Field Trip
Lesson 23: The Spy Next Door
Lesson 24: George to the Rescue!
Lesson 25: Are We Recycling? A Video Investigation
Lesson 26: Friends Along the Way
Lesson 27: Amelia Earhart: Pilot and Adventurer
Lesson 28: Meet the Sherpas
Lesson 29: High Fashion: Out of this World!
Lesson 30: Exploring Big Bend
  Green Books
Lesson 1: Giggles and Squiggles
Lesson 2: Lazu's Game
Lesson 3: My Dancing Shoes
Lesson 4: John Hockenberry: Reporter on Wheels
Lesson 5: Break a Leg!
Lesson 6: Braided Bread and Bathtub Fish
Lesson 7: Violin Lessons
Lesson 8: The Attack of the Turtle
Lesson 9: Lost Wax: Making Great Works in Bronze
Lesson 10: The Egg Drop Egg-speriment
Lesson 11: Taking the Wheel: The Story of Mary Patten
Lesson 12: Diving into Ocean Exploration
Lesson 13: Whisper
Lesson 14: Full Steam Ahead! The Power of Fire and Water
Lesson 15: Let the River Flow: A Native American Tale
Lesson 16: Perfect Pen Pals
Lesson 17: The Dog Days of Summer
Lesson 18: A Magical Night
Lesson 19: Benjamin Franklin: A Man of Many Talents
Lesson 20: The World�s Wackiest Word Game
Lesson 21: Whales of the World
Lesson 22: A.L.L. to the Rescue
Lesson 23: Just Visiting
Lesson 24: Best Bugs
Lesson 25: Kids Cleaning Up
Lesson 26: Sacagawea: A Sign of Peace
Lesson 27: A Poppy in the Tundra
Lesson 28: Watch Your Altitude!
Lesson 29: The Lunar Module: Engineered to Serve
Lesson 30: Exploring Volcanoes National Park
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