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Keyboarding Practice
Lesson 12: B and Y



Key each line twice, single spaced, in the box provided.
Tab from one box to the next.

1. fff bbb fff bbb fff bbb fff bbb fib rib rob but big but bad fibs
2. bbb fff bbb fff bbb fff bbb fff bid bid bud bud rob rob lob lob
3. rib fib rub orb rob but bid a rib; to fib; it rubs; or rob; she bid;
4. jjj yyy jjj yyy jjj yyy jjj yyy jyj jyj jyj jyj jy jy jy jy yj yj yj yj
5. jay jay lay lay day day say say hay hay stay stay
6. yj yj yj yj jay jay eye eye dye dye yes yes yet yet
7. to say; jay eye; dye the eye; a dyed jay eye;
8. by and by; buy it; a byte; the boy, the buoy;
9. Jay and Janet went to the store to buy bread.
10. hhh eee iii rrr ooo ttt nnn ggg L J K � uuu ccc www R F W bbb yyy
11. he he it it rot rot now now go go us us wow wow by by
12. no in bow any cut ran bin cow deck any rain wow sub
13. See the baby cub that Cody went to buy.
14. Buy the big baby a sub sandwich.
15. for the hand such did cut now held furl eight ask now
Press return at the break (|)
16. to do | to buy | can go | for all | did ask her |to buy | bow wow
17. if she | had to work | and such |for this |she held | the goal
18. The auburn hair flew in the light wind.
19. Bobby left the show and went to the city.



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