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Keyboarding Practice
Lesson 13: Review





Key each line twice, single spaced, in the box provided.
Tab from one box to the next.

1. tf bf cd uj .l nj gf tf ol rf ik ed hj tf bf cd uj .l nj fg tf ol
2. by by jay jay lay lay hay hay say say buy buy boy boy yet yet
3. Fran and Jan knew about the red and gold truck.
4. clay when they than won sly den win den send tend won one
Press return at the break ( | )
5. in a way | she was fine | to buy a hen | they will win
6. John can bid on the old clock he saw at the station.
7. I know she will be here soon.
8. Lt. John Sorensen and Nan went to Sol for the day.
9. Jana and Rod are in Sweden; Jane and Bo go in June.
10. Cody and Janet went to the lake to see the boat.
11. Work for us in Los Angeles then again in San Francisco.
12. Jana, Aida and Ross went off to the club to golf.
13. she owns dug buys cog job for yet ask led head red
14. of if |the all of |and do |cut it | he go | to do it | do it too
15. Lake Tahoe had a big ice show today.
16. Jack said to leave this job and find a new one.
17. Cindy left for work one hour ago.
18. Rudy and Judy have good jobs in town.
19. Allan and Allen and Jon and John and Peg and Peggy
20. John and Jan are going to work then to the sale.
21. Row the boat to the dock.
22. Carl has an old kayak and a canoe.
23. Stan told us to set goals and go for it.
24. She said for us to get going on our goals.
25. It is our job to go as high as we can go.
26. The big signs close to the area will go to Jake
27. The big boat dock has a lot of birds on it.
28. All left the club as the news ended.
29. Jeff left the club as the news started.
30. The goal was to lower cost and the task force did it.
31. Larry likes new stuff so this was not too rough.
32. I hike each day on the road side near the school.



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