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Keyboarding Practice
Lesson 15: P and V



Key each line twice, single spaced, in the box provided.
Tab from one box to the next.

1. no cad him bet no in we my be on ad on my ax bet him
Press return at the break ( | )
2. just is | of work | to sign | of lace | to flex | a form | sign it
3. He won a medal at the show for sixth.
4. ;;; ppp ;;; ppp ;;; ppp ;;; ppp ;p; ;p; ;p; ;p; pen pen lap lap
5. pa pa pa pa pan pan pan pan nap nap nap nap paw paw paw paw
6. a pen and cap; pay then pick it up; plan to keep a promise;
7. fff vvv fff vvv fff vvv have have have have five five five five
8. vf vf vf vf vie vie vie vie van van van van view view view view
9. dive dive dive dive go via; vie for; has vim; a view; to live;
10. cup up vie pen van cap vim rap have keep plan live life
11. gave it up; pave it; save it; very apartment; give me a cup;
12. Vic plans to have the van pick us up at five or six.



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