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Keyboarding Practice
Lesson 18: Z and Colon (:)





Key each line twice, single spaced, in the box provided.
Tab from one box to the next.

1. John won a diving trophy for six events at our state meet.
2. to busy | down town | by the city | with us
3. I have to go into town to sign a document with my mom.
4. aaa zzz aaa zzz aaa zzz aaa zzz aza aza aza aza zap zap zap zap
5. zoo zoo zoo zoo zip zip zip zip zag zag zag zag oz. oz. oz. oz.
6. zoo zoo zoo zoo zip zip zip zip maze maze maze maze
7. eight oz. twelve oz. twenty oz. fifteen oz. nineteen oz.
8. ;;; ::: ;;; ::: ;;; ::: To: File: Shift: Reply to: Dear Alan:
9. Leave two spaces after typing a colon.
10. Shift in opposition when keying capital letters at the beginning of names.
11. John, Jim, Larry, Ted, Janice, Steve, Paul, Tawna
12. Zoe, Zen, Liza, Quigg, Paul, Olga, Ivan, Yoda
13. You must shift with the left hand to get the colon to work.
14. hazy quad quit zone quay zeal quote zap qt. zoo Zen Zelda
15. Joey amazed us all when he won the state math contest.
16. apt six fix flex flax next harp rip open drop the pen
17. Lex and Lars are twin boys who like to fix apple pie for six friends
18. mime mime mime mime mama mama move move move move
19. vamp vamp vamp vamp dive dive dive dive five five five five
20. Glena made the dog work extra hard before putting him in the kennel.
21. Six of the firms had to pay a large fee to the state.
22. See the quick red fox jump over the lazy tan dog.
23. Give me the six big tips to help me with my history quiz.
Block Paragraphs
Type each paragraph twice, double-spacing between paragraphs. If your computer has automatic return (wordwrap), do not strike Enter at the end of each line; the computer will return for you.
Paragraph 1
Always use good form when keying. It will help build speed and accuracy. Always look at what you are keying instead of the keyboard. Keep your wrists flat and fingers curved over the home keys.
Paragraph 2
Bouncing hands will cause more errors and slows the typist down. Stay in control and be firm when reaching for your keys.
24. fix it mix it key it tie it hit it bonk it drop it
25. Key the following: Oxen, exit, axle, sixty, and sixth.
26. qa qa qa qa aq aq aq aq ki ki ki ki ik ik ik ik qt. qt. qt. qt
27. Key the following: Quit, aqua, equal, quiet, and quick.
28. Lazy Lucy liked to sleep during her first class of the day.
29. p: qa ;p aq zap zap zip zip size size lazy lazy
30. Put hot peppers in the zany zesty salsa and put it on his pizza.
31. Magic Marvin and marvelous Mavis vowed to move faster and with more vim and vigor.



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