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Keyboarding Practice
Lesson 7: N and G



Key each line twice, single spaced, in the box provided.
Tab from one box to the next.

1. has a lad; a fall lad fad; has a red salad;
2. do it; do it; a tot; a tot; do a lot; do a lot; it is hot; it is hot;
3. to do; do to; a tot; tot a; do a lot; lot a do; dot it; it dot;
4. her skis; her kid; his aide; it is far; is a kid;
5. jjj nnn jjj nnn jjj nnn jjj nnn jnj jnj jnj jnj
6. nj nj nj nj jn jn jn jn an an an an and and and and
7. end end ant ant land land hand hand fan fan
8. fff ggg fff ggg fff ggg fff ggg fgf fgf fgf fgf
9. fg fg fg fg gf gf gf gf nj nj nj nj jn jn jn jn
10. he got; to the fog; he got to jog; he got to golf;
11. no nag ago gone long go on; a nag; no gain; long ago;
12. log in so soon; a fine sing; led a hand; no gain;
13. he got an old dog and she is gone;
14. she jogs in the fog;
15. she and he jog in the dense fog;
16. she and he go to golf in dense fog;
17. she and he golf a nine in the north area
18. he has an oar; he jogs; do a log for her; she left a red jar;
19. an an go go in in dig dig end end and and go go to to
20. he did it for her; he is to take the old jet;



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