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Grammar Help

Grammar Bytes is a website that provides interactive quizzes, worksheets, presentations, rules, and information regarding grammar.  Check out this website if you are struggling with any aspect of grammar.  I bet you'll find something fun and engaging that will help you better understand some of the most difficult grammar rules.

The Parts of Speech

Before you begin your grammar studies, check out this rap abaout the parts of speech:

Parts of Speech by Rhythm, Rhyme, Results

The Parts of Speech Chart defines each part of speech and its usage, as well as providing examples.

Parts of Speech Tips and Tricks (Shown in class on September 2, 2014)

This review packet from provides an excellent overview of the parts of speech. 

Are you having difficulty identifying linking verbs? provides direction and examples.

Grammar Ninja (an online game) will help you master the parts of speech.

Funbrain provides basic and advanced instruction on the parts of speech in a quiz format.

The Grammar Gorillas (Fun Brain)


Parts of a Sentence Websites

The Parts of a Sentence Chart explains how to identify subjects, verbs, and complements.

If you need to review the parts of sentence (subjective and objective complements), you may view these power point presentations.  They provide a good review of direct objects, indirect objects, predicate nouns, and predicate adjectives.

Direct and Indirect Objects Power Point

Predicate Adjectives and Predicate Nouns Power Point

In order to identify the parts of a sentence, you must know the difference between linking verbs and action verbs.  Action Verbs and Linking Verbs, sponsored by Gallaudet University, explains the difference between the two types of verbs.

Daily Grammar

The Internet Grammar of English (Scroll to Form and Function section of the page.)

Hypergrammar:  The University of Ottawa

Dr. Grammar's Frequently Asked Questions (contains information about transitive and intransitive verbs)

Wikibooks (This page contains information, definitions, and examples.)

Learn English Grammar:  LEO Network

Class Zone:  McDougal Lit (Quiz)

University of Calgary:  Tutorials

Towson University's Online Writing Support

Sentence Errors:  Fragments, Run-ons, and Comma Splices

Run-ons, Comma Splices and Fragments Notes (PDF)

Fragments, Comma Splices, and Run-ons Quiz

Sheppard's Software's Magical Capitals provides tutorials and games related to proper capitalization.

SAT Prep:  Identifying Sentence Errors


Punctuation:  Colons, Commas, and Apostrophes

Comma Usage Power Point from Capital Community College

Sheppard Software's Comma Chameleon game provides practice and tutorials for all types of punctuation.

Daily Grammar contains interactive web activities that provide instruction and practice with punctuation (check under the heading "Mechanics).

Purdue Univerity:  Owl Handouts

The Guide to Grammar and Writing provides a list of interactive quizzes for different areas of grammar and writing. Scroll to the "Punctuation and Mechanics" heading for practice in this area. 

The Guide to Grammar and Writing also has a page that delineates the Rules for Comma Usage.  You may use this page as a reference when completing your grammar exercises on commas.

Exercises at Grammar Bytes provides interactive quizzes. If you scroll to the "Commas" heading, you can test your skills in using this form of punctuation.

Grammar Girl rides again!  Grammar Girl's website has several podcasts on comma usage.  Check them out!

The University of Ottawa's website has several pages devoted to punctuation:  Hypergrammar.

Newsroom  This stie contains many quizzes on a broad range of grammar topics.

English Plus (Grammar Slammer):  This site has definition, explanations, and examples of grammar terms and topics.  It's especially useful for referencing the rules for using commas. 

Towson University's Online Writing Support

Phrases:  Prepositional, Participial, Gerund, Infinitive, and Appositive

Phrases Chart (Microsoft Word Document) This chart contains a brief overview of the different types of phrases.

Notes on Phrases (Microsoft Word Document)

The Owl at Purdue:  Verbal Phrases

Daily Grammar contains interactive web actiivities that provide instruction and practice with verbals.

410 Grammar:  Practice with Adverb Phrases

Grammar Girl explains the difference between participles and gerunds.

Grammar Practice with the Internet Grammar of English sponsored by University College London

The Garden of Phrases offers practice with all types of phrases.

Grammar Girl:  Appositives

Grammar Girl:  Misplaced Modifiers

Appositive Phases:  Power Point Presentation--Just for you, Devyn.  Laughing

Gerunds and Gerund Phrases Power Point

These Youtube videos explain how you can use phrases to improve your writing. I highly recommend watching them.

How to Improve Your Writing Using Present Participial Phrases

How to Improve Your Writing Using Prepositonal Phrases

How to Improve Your Writing Using Infinitive Phrases

How to Improve Your Writing Using Gerund Phrases

To view any of the Power Point presentations created by students from the ninth grade honors classes, click on the links below.  These slide shows provide a good overview of the different phrases studied in class.

Participial Phrases by Zoey, Evan, and Jen

Participial Phrases by Zach, James, and Mitchell

Participial Phrases by Mattea and Caitlyn

Gerund Phrases by Taylor, Sarah, and Rachel

Gerund Phrases by Mike, Sarah, and Tim

Jason, Liz, and Solon created an worksheet on infiinitive phrases to help the class correctly identify these types of phrases.

The following worksheets are Microsoft Word documents meant to provide you with additional practice:  

Gerund Phrases

Participle or Gerund?

Infinitive Phrases 1

Infinitive Phrases 2

Infinitive Phrases 3

Infinitive or Preposition?

Verbal Phrases Review (Participial, Gerund, and Infinitive Phrases)

Appositive Phrases

Phrases Review Session

Newroom  This stie contains many quizzes on a broad range of grammar topics.

Subordinate Clauses:  Adjective, Adverb, and Noun

Youtube video about the difference between dependent and independent clauses

Independent Clauses (Google doc)

Subordinate Clauses (Google doc)

Clauses:  Independent or Subordinate?

Adjective Clauses (Google doc)

Clauses: Adjective or Adverb (Google doc)

Clauses Practice Test (Microsoft Word document)

Pearson: Identifying Subordinate Clauses

Glencoe: Kinds of Subordinate Clauses Lessons and Exercises on Subordinate Clauses

Clauses: The Essential Building Blocks

Pronoun Usage, Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement, and Subject-Verb Agreement

Agreement Rules (packet of notes)

Agreement: Singular and Plural Pronouns (Google doc)

Listen to Grammar Girl's podcast on subject-verb agreement as an introduction to the concepts for this unit.

Guide to Grammar and Writing:  Interactive Quizzes (Scroll to Pronoun Usage heading to take the quizzes)

Exercises at GRAMMAR BYTES! (Scroll to Pronoun Agreement, Pronoun Case, Pronoun Reference, or Subject-Verb Agreement to take the practice quizzes)

Grammar Girl:  Grammar Girl's website has a variety of podcasts about grammar and writing.  Click on the links below to listen to the podcasts about pronouns and the different forms of agreement.

Subject-Verb Agreement

Everybody:  Singular or Plural

Generic Singular Pronouns

You may browse Grammar Girl's site for other podcasts pertaining to this topic.  Feel free to explore!

The University of Ottawa's HyperGrammar contains information about properly using pronouns.

Dr. Grammar's Frequently Asked Questions includes information about pronouns and agreement.  Just click on the question that you want answered.

Lesson Tutor provides pre-tests and quizzes on different elements of the grammar curriculum, including pronouns.

Try some of the practice quizzes on Quia to test your knowledge of pronoun-antecedent and subject-verb agreement.  Quia also has quizzes on pronoun usage.

Watch this video on Subject-Verb Agreement:  Subject Verb Agreement Song

Take a short quiz on pronoun usage.

The Keables Guide, sponsored by the Iolani school in Honolulu, contains grammar rules for pronouns, including who and whom, and examples that illustrate each of the rules.

The OWL at Purdue University provides instruction on pronoun-antecedent agreement and pronoun usage.

Empire State College:  This site includes exercises on noun/pronoun agreement.

The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation:  This site contains interactive exercises and quizzes on subject-verb agreement and who vs. whom.

Newsroom  This site contains many useful quizzes on a broad range of grammar topics. 

The English Page:  This site addresses many grammar topics, but it especially good for subject-verb agreement and verb tense practice.

Interactive Online Grmmar Quizzes:  Contains some good quizzes on irregular verbs, subject-verb agreement, sentence types, and relative pronouns.

Big Dog's Grammar:  This site is good for practice with sentence errors, including dangling modifiers and paralleslism, subject-verb agreement, and pronoun reference.

Towson University's Online Writing Support

Pronoun Usage: Nominative and Objective Pronouns (Microsoft Word doc)

Pronoun Usage: Nominative Pronouns (Microsoft Word doc)

Who Vs. Whom (Google Doc)

The Oatmeal: How and Why to Use Who and Whom (Visual and Explanation)

Verb Conjugation

Verb Tense Chart:  You can use this chart to practice conjugating regular and irregular verbs.

List of Irregular Verbs (Purdue University) provides a simple explanation of the different tenses in the English language.

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