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Helpful Resources for Parents and Students


Back to School

The website Parent Toolkit offers some back-to-school advice to parents, especially for students who may be suffering from back-to-school jitters.


Homework Help

My Homework is "a lifesaver for the less-than-organized," according to Better Homes and Gardens magazine. The app creates a color-coded calendar of assignments, and it's FREE!

Crisis and School Safety

Arms Wide Open: Talking to Kids about Tragedy

How to speak to your children about violence (from the American Association of Psychologists)


NCTE published a list of suggestions for parents who want to help their children become better writers:  How to Help Child Become a Better Writer (English Version or Spanish Version).

Webspiration is the online version of Inspiration.  It allows writers to organize their ideas in webs before they begin writing.  To use the site, you will need to provide some general information, such as email address in order to create an account.  The site saves all of work so you can revisit it any time.

Time Management

Self-Control is an app that blocks access to certain sites (that you specify) for a set time. This app may help you focus without the distraction of Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Health and Science: Students can't resist multi-tasking, and it's impairing their memory.

Does son or daughter have difficulty getting ready for school on time.  Here are some tips that may help you catch the bus.  Wink  WikiHow provides some ideas that you may decide to adopt as part of routine.


Edudemic: 3 Vocabulary Apps for SAT Takers and Lifelong Learners uses an adaptive learning system to improve your vocabulary.

Quizlet is an online tool that helps students learn vocabulary for any subject.  Many students have already told me how much this site has helped them achieve higher scores on their assessts.

VocabSushi helps students prepare for the ISEE, SAT, ACT, GRE or other standardized tests by teaching them vocab words with real-world, contextual examples found in the daily news.

Learning the the meanings suffixes may help students improve their scores on the SAT. Michigan State University's site contains a list of suffixes that often appear on standardized tests.


Emmaus High School graduation requirements

You can also read about graduation requirementsts in the Program of Studies.

Course Curricula

Do you want to know the curriculum for a particular course?  Click here.

Academic Success

Emmaus Patch: "Electronic Test Pret, and Much More!" provides directions for accessing PSAT and SAT test prep materials through Emmaus Public Library's website.

Mashable: 25 Apps You'll Need to survive college 

The Guardian: 10 Things Academics Say Students Get Wrong in Exams

Edutopia: A Parent's Guide to 21st Century Learning

ReadWriteThink: Parent and Afterschool Resources (categorized by grade level)

U.S. News: Tips for Parents to Help Teens De-stress

The U.S. Department of Education provides some resources for parents who want to help their children with specific subjects, homework, reading, and general acadmic success. provides resources about education issues such as bullying, accredited colleges and universities, homework, special needs, and summer learning.

How and Why to Stop Multi-tasking is an article written by Peter Bregman for the Harvard Business Review.  Maybe we should all vow to focus on the present.  According to Bregman, multi-tasking lowers our IQ's.  Can we motivate our students and children to do the same?  Focusing may lead to more success in their academic studies.

Preparing for College:  US News and World Report posted an article entitled A Crash Course in College Preparedness on August 16, 2010.  The authors suggest that students practice thinking critically as much as they can in high school.

Want children to read more? James Patterson gives some advice about How to get kid to be a fanatic reader in his article published on CNN's website.

School Absences Translate to Lower Test Scores in Education Week

Internet Safety

Cool Cat Teacher Blog: 5 Steps to Internet Safety

Digital Age Parenting by Dr. Randy Ziegenfuss on his blog, Working at the Edge.

Edutopia: Dealing with Digital Behaviors: A Parent Guide provides parental tips for keeping children safe online.

In 6 Career-Killing Facebook Mistakes Erin Joyce outlines and discusses the idea that you actions on Facebook (or any other social networking site) can get you hired or fired.  Sharing this information with our children may help them make wiser decisions about the information they publich online.

U.S. News provides information about how admissions officers use Facebook profiles to research their applicants. published Age-Based Guidelines for Kids' Internet Use on their website (October 7, 2011). If you want to become more involved in child's digital activity, this article may be a good place to start.

The Innovative Educator: 7 Ways to Support Your Child in Being Digitally Responsible Without Contracts

Preparing for College

Andrew Flagel, president at Brandeis University, gives advice about applying for college in the news at

Mashable: 25 Apps You'll Need to Survive College

Edudemic: Ten Things Colleges Now Look for in High School Students

An article by Steve Cohen entitled Top Ten Myths of College Admissions debunks the myths people believe about the college application process. Cohen is the co-author of Getting In! The Zinch Guide ot College Admissions and Financial Aid in the Digital Age.

US News: EducationFive College Conversations for Families during Winter Break

Edutopia: College Readiness Checklist

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