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  1. Lesson 5

    Here's what's Buzzing in Language Arts

    Spelling Words  (review)

    1. has
    2. win
    3. spot
    4. best
    5. mud
    6. some
    7. broke
    8. rule
    9. clean
    10. sleep


    High Frequency Words
    1. because
    2. cut
    3. from
    4. hold
    5. long
    6. only
    7. shall
    8. jump

      Reading Skills 


      Characters, Main Idea, Details, 

      Asking Questions and Graphic Organizers


      practice #1
      practice #2


      Writing Skill 


      Sentences, Statements, Questions, 

      Commands, Exclamations, and Parts 

      of a Sentence 

      Neighborhood News

       Story Vocabulary 

      Review week I will list the words only no definitions 

      already, eight, everything, finally, guess, hundred, prove, sometimes, special, through 

      Robust Vocabulary 

      penalty – punishment 

      positive – very sure about something 

      location – place 

      flutters – moves in a light quick way 

      selected – chosen 

      announcement – give new information to a group of people 

      career – job that needs training 

      excitable – easily worked up 


      Web Links

      Think Central - StoryTown

      Listening to Reading

      Spelling City

      Want to practice skills that we are learning? Click here or here for interactive practice of our language arts skills


      Have Fun!



      Image result for bee images

      Mzz. Bee 



    2nd Grade Study Guide—Lesson 1 
    Arthur’s Reading Race 
    Spelling Words 
    1. flag 
    2. fin 
    3. ran 
    4. has 
    5. fill 
    6. sat 
    7. list 
    8. sit 
    9. bag 
    10. win 
    Reading Skill 
     Students need to be able to 
    describe and identify characters in 
    a story. 
    Writing Skill 
     Sentences begin with a 
    capital letter and end with 
    punctuation mark. Sentences have 
    a telling part and an action part. 
    Story Vocabulary and Definitions 
    already – happened before you knew it eat – put food in mouth 
    prove – show you can do it know - understand 
    sign – gives information learned – been taught 
    police – people who help us eight – number after seven 
    spy – to see read – to make words with letters 
    buy – to get with money 
    money – coins, bills 
    Robust Vocabulary and Definitions 
    dangerous – not safe heed – listen to a warning 
    style – they way you do something 
    ignore – not listen on purpose 
    passion – do something with energy 
    challenge – hard to do 
    underestimate – thought it was easier than it really is 
    proficient – good at something
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