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  1. Lesson 13

     Here's what's Buzzing in Language Arts 

    Spelling Words


    1. slice
    2. dodge
    3. city
    4. huge
    5. nice
    6. space
    7. gem
    8. price
    9. cage
    10. fudge
    11. central
    12. fireplace
    13. gentle
    14. gymnast
    15. celebrate



    High Frequency Words

    1. put
    2. some
    3. together
    4. which
    5. as
    6. can
    7. first



    Reading Skills 

    Fiction and Nonfiction:

    Students will identify the elements of a fiction story and distinguish fiction from nonfiction elements.


    Writing Skill

    To identify the plot of a 
    story and the events that 
    make up the plot. 


    Plural Possessive Nouns- Show ownership by more than one person or thing.

    Singular/plural possessive nouns
    Exploring Possessives 
     Possessive Quiz

    Big Bushy Mustache

    Story Vocabulary 

    above – higher up than, or over

    shoes – and outer covering for the foot

    tough – strong and difficult to damage

    wash – to clean with water or soap and water

    wear – to be dressed in something, or to carry or have something on your body

    woman – an adult female human being

    young – someone who has lived for a short time

    Robust Vocabulary 

    wilting – when a plant doesn’t get enough water and its leaves start to droop.                       

    trance – someone seems to be asleep, but his or her eyes are open.

    flitted – if something moved quickly from place to place without stopping for long.                        

    route- you are going the same way to school or to the store every time. 

    swirling - something is moving around and around quickly.

    semblance - when you make a drawing that looks like something.

    distraught – the person is very, very unhappy             

    improvise- you make something up as you sing a song or tell a story.


    Web Links

    Think Central - StoryTown

    Listening to Reading

    Spelling City

    Want to practice skills that we are learning? Click here or here for interactive practice of our language arts skills


    Have Fun!



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    Mzz. Bee 

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