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Lesson 20 (review)

Here's what's Buzzing in Language Arts

Spelling Words

  1. know
  2. wrong
  3. tough
  4. phone
  5. breath
  6. health
  7. soil
  8. joy
  9. deer
  10. rear


High Frequency Words

  1. said
  2. that
  3. want
  4. yes
  5. before
  6. do
  7. funny
  8. how
  9. your



      Reading Skills 

           Focus Skill: Story Setting
           To identify the setting and its
           importance to the story.

           Focus Strategy: Answer Questions
           and Monitor Comprehension, to
           ahead as a strategy for

        Story Genre:  Reader's Theater

        Writing Skills

          Grammar:  To identify and use
          adjectives, number words, and words
          that compare.
      To identify the plot of a 
      story and the events that 
      make up the plot. 
        How to write a paragraph with   
        organization.  Revise and publish writing.

      Module 4 Teacher's Vocabulary
      1. Main Idea
      2. Key Details
      3. Events
      4. Morals
      5. Opinion
      6. Topic
      7. Concluding Statement
      8. Multiple Meaning Words

      What's My Job?

      Story Vocabulary 

      1. question
      2. something
      3. sure
      4. enjoy
      5. coming
      6. idea
      7. quite
      8. believe
      9. different
      10. guess


      Robust Vocabulary 

      accurately - to do something without making mistakes

      risk - to take a chance

      statue - a work of art made of hard material that can be seen from all sides.

      encounter - to meet or experience

      host - the person in a program wo introduces and talks with guests

      responds - to give an answer

      impulsive - to do things without thinking

      opponent - the person or team you play against.

      originated - the time something started or began

      sleuths - people who try to solve crimes or mysteries.



      Web Links

      Think Central - StoryTown

      Listening to Reading

      Spelling City

      Want to practice skills that we are learning? Click here or here for interactive practice of our language arts skills


      Have Fun!



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      Mzz. Bee 

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