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Lesson 23

   Here's what's Buzzing in Language Arts

Spelling Words

    1. true
    2. grew
    3. suit
    4. smooth
    5. clue
    6. soup
    7. stew
    8. food
    9. group
    10. fruit
    11. nephew
    12. classroom
    13. cartoon
    14. juicy
    15. newspaper

      High Frequency Words

      1. ran
      2. soon
      3. too
      4. white
      5. are
      6. call

              Reading Skills

              Focus Skill:  To use Graphic organizers to understand nonfiction selections, to summarize

              Focus Strategy:  to use story structure as a strategy for comprehension


              Grammar Skills:

              To recognize and use past-tense verbs in sentences

              Prefixes - mis-, re-, un-

              Story Genre:


              Writing Skill 

              Form:  Informational Paragraph

              Trait:  Ideas







              The Bee

              Review Vocabulary

              1. already
              2. lose
              3. caught
              4. bicycle
              5. sweat
              6. woods
              7. clear
              8. eight
              9. cheer
              10. ears
              11. draw
              12. exercise
              13. idea
              14. short
              15. shoes
              16. finally
              17. believe
              18. guess
              19. sure
              20. thumb
              21. draw
              22. finally
              23. wash
              24. prove
              25. care

                Robust Vocabulary

                thickens - to become less runny

                plentiful - a lot of something

                crowd - gather in large numbers

                sealed - to close up tightly

                carefully - pay close attention to what you are doing so you don't make a misteak

                attack - use great force to try to cause harm

                pattern - a repeating design

                disappear - something that you can't see anymore

                role- to have a role means you have certain things you have to do

                diligent - to keep working until you're done

                Web Links

                Think Central - StoryTown

                Listening to Reading

                Spelling City

                Want to practice skills that we are learning? Click here or here for interactive practice of our language arts skills


                Have Fun!



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                Mzz. Bee 

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