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Lesson 24

   Here's what's Buzzing in Language Arts

Spelling Words


    1. hair
    2. glare
    3. fair
    4. scare
    5. pair
    6. care
    7. share
    8. chair
    9. rare
    10. stair
    11. airplane
    12. repair
    13. downstairs
    14. haircut
    15. careful

      High Frequency Words

      1. five
      2. help
      3. let
      4. off
      5. write
      6. tell

          Reading Skills

          Focus Skill:  To read and interpret information in graphic aids.  to identify and use synonyms.

          Focus Strategy:  To summarize as a strategy for comprehension.


          Grammar Skills:

          To identify and use forms of the verb be: am, is, are.

          Prefixes - mis-, re-, un-


          Story Genre:


          Writing Skill 

          Form:  Paragraph that compares or contrasts

          Trait:  Word Choice







          Watching in the Wild

          Review Vocabulary

          1. already
          2. guess
          3. woods
          4. bought
          5. above
          6. finally
          7. brother
          8. learn
          9. caught
          10. tough
          11. picture
          12. clear
          13. curve
          14. world
          15. thumb
          16. imagine
          17. straight
          18. fair
          19. accept
          20. father
          21. early
          22. especially
          23. exercise
          24. brought
          25. quite
          26. sweat

          Robust Vocabulary

          extinct - no more of that kind of animal is alive

          pledge - a promise to do something

          patience - to be able to wait without getting restless or complain

          tedious - to be boring and take a long time to do

          blended - mixed

          cradled - to hold closely

          raggedy - rough and torn at the edges

          distance - how far away something is

          personalities - the way a person acts, thinks and feels

          crumpled - to gently crunch or bunch up

          Web Links

          Think Central - StoryTown

          Listening to Reading

          Spelling City

          Want to practice skills that we are learning? Click here or here for interactive practice of our language arts skills


          Have Fun!



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