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Miss Carrie England

 The music program at Eyer Middle School focuses on the areas of performance, composition and listening in grades 6, 7 and 8.

All three grades review music notation, emphasizing note names and rhythm identification and performance. These skills are than applied to the performance of simple songs on electronic keyboard instruments. After several practice sessions, students demonstrate their skills by playing their song for a grade.

7th and 8th grade students spend time learning how composers write music through creating their own compositions. The basic qualities of melody are investigated. Students in 7th grade write melodies to accompanying chord progressions.  Students in 8th grade score their own silent movie.

Technology is utilized in the classroom not only through the use of electronic keyboard instruments, but also through the use of computers. Several computer programs are used by the students. Students use Garage Band to make music either with prerecorded loops or by creating their own rhythm or melody.  8th graders will be using iMovie to make their own silent film so that they can score it later.

8th grade students also participate in a project called the Genre Project. Students work in small groups and randomly choose one of the following genres: Jazz, Early Rock, Blues, 20th Century, and Rap/Hip Hop. The groups research various aspects of their genre such as the roots of the genre, composers/musicians, and instruments used in the genre. Students use the Internet and books from the LMC to locate their information. Once the research is done, each group does a presentation for the remainder of the class.  Many class periods are given to the students to work on this project.  If the students use their time wisely, they should be able to get over 95% of the project done in class.

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