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Our Best “Bee”havior


          We will be using a card system this year to encourage our best “Bee”havior.  Students will begin the card with a green card showing. If students make a poor choice they will be re-directed and asked to “move their card” to the next card. The next card will be yellow which results in a warning, cautioning a student on their behavior. If the student continues to make poor choices he/she will be asked to “move their card “again, resulting in a peach card showing. This will result in the student completing a “Bee”havior form, checking off that they ended the day on a peach card and reflecting on their poor choice during 5 minutes of recess time. They will also need to write down their poor choice on the form and bring this form home to be signed and returned the next day.  If poor choices have continued throughout the day, students will “move their card” to the next card which is pink, resulting in the above, however filling out the appropriate section for a pink card, and reflecting on their poor choice during the entire recess time. 

         At the end of the day, all students will have the responsibility of coloring in a section of their assignment book with the corresponding color that their cards is on at the end of the day. If your child ends the day on a peach or pink card, please review with him/her what happened during the day and what choices would be better or more appropriate.  All cards will be switched back to green so that each student may have a fresh start the next day. 

  Thank you for helping your child learn that good “Bee”havior is important in school! 


  • Green-Keep Up the Good Work!
  • Yellow-Caution/Warning Be Careful!
  • Peach-5 minutes of recess reflection of poor choice…parent signature required.
  • Pink-Entire recess of reflection of poor choice…parent signature required.
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