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Storytown Resources

    Please click above to access stories and more from our Language Arts series. Username is student3, Password is reading.  Click on the library icon.  Be sure to click on Reading.  If you would like to read the weekly story, choose the Storytown Student Edition G3 icon.  You can also access the Practice Workbook for Language Arts at this site just in case your child forgets their book at school.  The practice book has a yellow star as its icon.

Harcourt Storytown Resources

On the Harcourt Storytown site you will be able to access the reading book, leveled readers and practice workbooks. 

Harcourt School Publishers-Company Website

Harcourt Schools-Storytown Parent Resources

Harcourt Storytown-Storytown Series Information & Guide

Sentences: Complete, Declariative, Interrogative, Imperative, Exclamatory, Interjections

Character's Motives 

Subjects and Predicates, Complete and Simple Subjects and Predicates 

Sequencing and Reference Sources

  Compare and Contrast

Singular and Plural Nouns

Common and Proper Nouns 

  • Rats!- Catch the correct type of nouns in a basket
  • Noun Dunk- Decide if the word is a common or proper noun or not a noun

Possessive Nouns

Pronouns and Antecedent

Making Inferences/Drawing Conclusions

Subjective and Objective Pronouns

Possessive and Reflective Pronouns

Story Theme

Adjectives and Articles

Main and Helping Verbs

  • Verb Phrases - Find the complete verb phrase
  • Verb Practice - Many student tasks and online tests practicing verb usage
  • Linking Verbs - Identify types of verbs in this online quiz
  • To Be - Present and past tense online quiz
  • Be - Verb usage online quiz
  • Irregular Verbs - Jeopardy type game for two players

  Author's Purpose

Literary Devices  (Reading Rocket and Test Tutor from Harcourt)

Answering Questions
Action and Linking Verbs

Verbs: Present Tense, Past Tense, Future Tense

Forms of Be

Irregular Verbs

Perfect Tense

Subject and Verb agreement 


  Summarize and Paraphrase (Reading Rocket and Test Tutor from Harcourt)

Fact and Opinion (Reading Rocket and Test Tutor from Harcourt) 



Synonyms & Antonyms



Robust Vocabulary

   Every other week your child will be learning 10 new vocabulary words to go along with our story in reading.  For two weeks, we will explore their meanings using context clues, read them in stories, and use them in our writing. Your child will receive a blue sheet with these words and definitions.  It will be housed in their Language Arts folder.  Please be sure to review these words with your child.  They will be assessed every other week on these words.  **Students will be need to be able to utilize these words in context correctly, as well as be able to choose the correct vocabulary words that fit into given sentences.



  In third grade, we will be focusing on writing a good, solid paragraph.  We will begin the year utilizing the AREA paragraph format, and then move into different types of writing.  Persuasive, narrative, and informational styles of writing will be exposed this year to the students.  Good traits of writing will also be a focus: content, focus, style, grammar, and organization.  I do look for neat handwriting!  We will also be working on cursive writing throughout the school year.  It is important to me that your child knows how to write his/her signature!  Writing will also be a Daily 5 center focus.  Don't forget that every sentence begins with a capital letter! 



The new standards require students to engage in tasks that:

*emphasize critical thinking and analysis

*requires them to support their ideas and arguments with text based evidence

*increases their exposure to complex, non- fiction text

* increases their engagement with argumentative and informational writing

*increase their academic vocabulary

1.1 Foundational Skills: phonics, word recognition, fluency

1.2 Reading Informational Text

1.3 Reading Literature

1.4 Writing

1.5 Speaking and Listening

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