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Marieb 10th ed textbook Anatomy and Physiology Place (tutorials for all chapters)

13th edition Hole's anatomy textbook by Shier, Butler, Lewis (including tutorials)

Anatomy Corner (review of many topics)

Bozeman Science for anatomy and physiology

Anatomy Quizlet (for various chapters)

Santa Monica College Anatomy and physiology links (for all chapters)

Human Biodyssey Exploring Anatomy and Physiology website (for all chapters)

Get Body Smart (for many chapters)

Vocational Info Center Health and Medical Basics (tutorials for many chapters and links for careers)

Exploring Health Careers



ch 1 Bio Alive directional terms, regional terms, etc

ch 1 Wisc-online anatomical position and directional terms activity

ch 1 Wisc-online intro review including worksheets and activities

ch 1 Wiley intro to human body

ch 3 Cracking the Code DNA video

ch 3 Cells Alive bio 101 cell cycle animation

ch 3 OCCC histology slides and review

ch 3 SIU histology information and review

ch 4 Mayo Clinic spread of skin cancer video

ch 4 skin: facts, diseases, and coditions from LiveScience

ch 5 Maricopa skull bones and markings diagrams

ch 5 Get Body Smart skeleton tutorials

ch 5 (but ch 7 in Hole's book) Hole's Human Anatomy and Physiology skeletal system quizzes

ch 5 Univ of Minnesota skeleton interactive quizzes

ch 5 "Lumen" interactive skeletal diagrams

ch 5 arthroscopic knee surgery video

ch 6 Advanced Bio class from S.D. muscular system review tutorial

ch 6 Get Body Smart muscular system review

ch 6 Maricopa muscular system review

ch 6 "Lumen" interactive muscular system review

ch 6 Anatomy Arcade Poke-a-Muscle muscular system review

ch 6 Anatomy Arcade Match a Muscle muscular system review

ch 6 website to be used for fitness plan (muscular system)

ch 6 neuromuscular junction functioning video on YouTube from Pearson/Benjamin Cummings publisher

ch 7 McGraw Hill nerve impulse animation

ch 7 brain and the nervous system by KidsHealth

ch 7 more about the brain and nervous system by KidsHealth

ch 9 endocrine system video- endocrine organs and their hormones and how they function

ch 10 all about blood from The Franklin Institute

ch 11 cardiovascular system- heart and vessel diagrams (Texas Heart Institute)

ch 12 lymphatic system video functioning (may need to sign up for free trial to watch entire video)

ch 13 functioning of respiratory system video on YouTube

ch 14 digestive system: food as fuel by KidsHealth

ch 15 mammalian kidney functioning animation

ch 16 female reproductive system and pregnancy by KidsHealth

ch 16 male reproductive system by KidsHealth

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