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Word Work

This year, we have adopted the Words Their Way program.  It differs from traditional spelling, in that children learn the patterns in words, instead of memorizing them.  Students are given an inventory test.  Their scores are broken down and students are given lists based on their areas of need.  There will be anywhere between 2 and 5 lists going at one time.  Third grade will be working on lists that focus on patterns within words.  This link will take you to the word lists and let your child practice with games or quizzes

1.  Click on the link above

2.  Click on the color list your child was assigned 

3.  Practice spelling

Extra Practice Ideas

The following are ideas for practicing your word work each week.  These are fun activities to do as a  challenge, but can also be a great way to help your words stick too!



  • Silly Sentences-  Use all of your spelling words in ten silly sentences.
  • ABC Order-  Write your words in alphabetical order
  • Picture Words- Draw a picture and then write your words inside the picture.
  • Word Search-  Make a word search using your words.  Have a friend or family member try to solve it.
  • Popsicles-  Use toothpicks or popsicle sticks to form the letters that spell each word.
  • X Words-  Use two words that have one common letter.  Write them so that they criss-cross.
  • Words-in-Words- Write each word and then write at least two new words using the letters from your original words.
  • Magazine Words-  Use an old magazine or newspaper and find your words.  Cut them out and glue them onto another sheet of paper.
  • Secret Agent Words-  Number the alphabet 1-26, then convert your words into a number code.
  • Create an activity-  Do you have another fun way to practice your words?  Try it out, then bring it in to show us!
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