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Hi everyone!  Here are some of the better links I've found for kids!  These are the main sites we use in our class.

1. Here's a link to the kids portion of Learning A-Z.  I have set up online reading activities based on the reading level of each child in class.  My teacher code is fmeyers.

2. Please follow this link to  I have personalized math lessons for each student in our class this year.  All the kids have to do is follow the link and enter our class code which is jc7epr.

3. Here's the new site we're using, all about using computer coding skills! Check out

4. Teach Your Monster How To Read is a great early reading site!  This link is for our class.

5. Here's our MobyMax link!



Reading Links

1. is one of the best free reading sites on the web.  We use this one in class all the time!

2.  Spelling City is a new website we've found that helps kids learn their spelling words.  You can enter your spelling list manually and practice your words.  There are all sorts of games for spelling practice.  The site is really great and FREE, for now!

3. Game Goo has a funny name but it's Earobics games are research-based and are great for phonics practice.

4. Storyline is a unique site that has video and audio of books being read aloud by various members of the Screen Actor's Guild.  Neat concept!

5. Internet4classrooms is a well thought out site that has skill builders for many second grade skills (and for many other grades).

6. Here's a link through the Carnegie Library!  It's a Storymaker and the kids love it!

7. Here's EAROBICS!  This is a great phonics resource!

Listening Links

1.  Storia is the audio book component of

2.  Light Up Your Brain has lots of free audio books, and some brain teasers!

3.  Everyone knows about Reading is Fundamental!

4.  Childtopia has some good audio books.

5.  PBS Kids has a few audio books, mostly meant for younger readers.

6.  AOL Kids has some excellent audio books!

7.  The Turtle Diary has audio books for many levels! 

8.  Speakaboos has some potential, but it only allows a trial period before you need to pay.

Math Links

1. Here's the math portion of Internet4classrooms.  Check out link number 5 in my language arts links!

2. Here's a link to practice math facts.

3. This link has some good math games that practice money facts.

4. Here's a publisher's site with math games for every elementary grade level.

5. Aplusmath math is an "old school" site that offers math games for many levels.  There are some sponsor links floating around on this page.

6. Here is a site that practices place value with base-ten blocks.  Very fun!

7. Another great math site with cool games is here at Cool Math Games.

8. Yet another great site with math games is at Hooda Math!!

9. And for all you math fanatics, here's a website that offers some cool math videos! 

10.  If you're interested in learning more about time, check out these links!

11. Here are two links to practice fractions... Here and here.

Science Links

1. The Nasa Kids Club is simply the best site for space and physics topics.  Very age-appropriate and fun!

2. Here is a great site filled with links on just about every science topic!

3.  Learn about our solar system here!


1.  Professor Garfield has some cool games for kids.  Some are more educational than others, but overall I like this site.

2.  Seussville is a nicely done site that offers many Dr. Suess-themed educational games.

3.  BrainpopJr is a great site but only portions of this site are free, which is sort of a shame since the content is so good.  Be sure to check out the Free Stuff.

4. KidSites has many kid-safe links covering all sorts of topics!  This is a great resource!

5. Of course, PBSKids is a great site!

6. It's Teach Your Monster to Read!!!

7.  Here's a GREAT site called SumDog, that has activities and games for many academic topics.

8. Wikipedia can be a great online learning tool!

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