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Directions for Drill Sandwich Intervention



Index cards, Sandwich sized baggies, and Graph.

Use this strategy to break down large amounts of information for memorization.

1. Make flash cards of all facts/ words to be learned. For example, if this were vocabulary you

could put the word on one side and the definition on the other side.

2. Go through all cards and determine which ones the student knows and does not know.

3. Place UNKNOWN cards in one bag/pile and KNOWN cards in another bag/pile.

4. Place a couple of cards from the UNKNOWN bag/pile and place them in the KNOWN

bag/pile to create a Mixed bag/pile making sure you keep approximately an 85% KNOWN

cards to 15% UNKNOWN ratio (around 5:1).

5. Mix up the cards in the MIXED bag/pile so the UNKNOWN cards are NOT next to each


6. Start studying the MIXED bag/pile by having the student say the information on both sides

of the cards out loud.

7. At the end of each session do a test where the student sees one side of the card and has to

provide the information on the other side of the card.

8. Once the student has memorized ALL of the information on ALL of the cards (ex: can say

the definition by just looking at the word) in the MIXED pile/bag, then add more

UNKNOWN cards to the MIXED pile/ bag again.

9. Word consistently correct, across many exposures (ex. 20 - 30 exposures) before

adding more UNKNOWN cards into the MIXED pile/ bag.


You want to make sure that the student has repeatedly gotten a formerly UNKNOWN

10. Most students will need to have about 30 exposures to an UNKNOWN piece of information

before it becomes KNOWN. For most children, it works best when this is done for 10-15

minutes a night at least 5 days per week.

11. By placing a rubber band around each or by storing each pile in a separate bag.


When the session is completed keep the UNKNOWN cards separate from the MIXED cards

Motivational Idea:

Beat the Clock


Time the student going through the stack of flashcards that they are working on.


Show the student one flash card at a time. If they do not know it immediately (within 3 second), tell them.

Graph the time.


Complete this once per week.


Compare this week’s time with the previous week’s time – see if they can “beat their best."


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