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Math Information

Access the Holt McDougal Text Book Online 

You can access the Holt McDougal math text online by clicking the icon above.  You then need to enter the username bealer1 and the password math1.

Current Notes from Class   

You will need Adobe Reader for these notes.  They are in PDF format.

Chapter 5 Notes


Below you will find many resources provided by Holt McDougal Mathematics.

Click on a link below to explore!


HW Help - provides extra practice and VIDEOS to further explain math concepts

Practice Quizzes - Short quizzes to test your understanding

Interactivity - Interactive tutorials to explore concepts and skills

Practice Tests - Longer tests found at the end of each unit to test concepts in the entire chapter

Fraction Operations Unit
5-1 Least Common Multiple
HW Help Practice Quiz
5-2 Adding and Subtracting with
      Unlike Denominators
HW Help Practice Quiz
5-3 Regrouping to Subract Mixed Numbers
HW Help Practice Quiz
5-5 Multiplying Mixed Numbers
HW Help Practice Quiz Interactivity
5-6 Dividing Fractions & Mixed Numbers
HW Help Practice Quiz



  • Virtual flashcards (+, -, x, and /)                                   
  • AAA Math                                                                    
  • Quiz Shared Activities 
Decimal Unit Websites  

Whole Number Websites     

Proportional Relationships Websites

Fraction Operation Websites

Geometric Relationships Websites  

Percent Unit Math Websites

 Statistics Unit Websites

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