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Roots Compound Subjects and Predicates Conflict and Resolution

Crystal Castle     

Jelly Fish    

Prefixes Say Plenty 

Build a Tower       


BBC Game 

Drag and Drop        

Suffix and Base Word Match 

Harcourt Wordworks    

Sentence Sort

Complex Sentences

Conflict = Problem

Resolution = Solution

Read this article: "Are Girls Meaner than Boys?"

Resolve those Classroom Conflicts Worksheet

Conflict Resolution Worksheet

Graphic Organizer

Roots Compound Subjects and Predicates Conflict and Resolution

Crystal Castle     

Jelly Fish    

Prefixes Say Plenty 

Build a Tower       


Author's Purpose and Perspective Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases Independent and Dependent Clauses

Main Reasons Authors Write:

(1) To inform

(2) To pursuade

(3) To entertain

(4) To teach a moral lesson

(5) To reflect

Author's Purpose

Author's Purpose Power Point

Read and Decide

Quia Author's Purpose

Author's Purpose Battleship

Author's Purpose Activities

Prepositions Quiz

Prepositions with Cat and Mouse

Prepositions Basketball

Prepositions Shuffle

Downloadable Card Game

Preposition Desert

KizClub Prepositions

Prepositions Hangman

Preposition Song Lyrics

Schoolhouse Rock Prepositions Video

Better understanding dependent and independent clauses

Identifying Independent Clauses

Independent/Dependent Clause Quiz

Rereading to Check Comprehension Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences Summarizing

Read the stories. Answer the questions. Then reread to check your answers.



Life on a Glacier

The Planets

Martial Arts

The Wright Brothers

Global Warming or Climate Change?

Primary Elections and Caucuses


Sentence Sort

BBC Activity


Quiz on Sentence Types

 Identifying Sentences Quiz

Summarize the Story (Fill in the Blanks)

Summarize the Story (Fill in the Blanks)

Summarize as you Read

Clauses and Phrases Locating Information Wizard Words

Harcourt Grammar Gold

Know your Clauses and Phrases Quiz

When searching for a book or another resource, you can search by:

(1) author

(2) title

(3) subject, or

(4) call number.

Kids Nook

Games and Practice

Lesson 6 Fling the Teacher

Lesson 7 Fling the Teacher

Lesson 8 Fling the Teacher

Lesson 9 Fling the Teacher

Lesson 10 Fling the Teacher

Thanks to Mr. Ross Cooper from Wescosville Elementary for sharing the following pages.

 Lesson 6 Wizard Words

Lesson 7 Wizard Words

Lesson 8 Wizard Words

Lesson 9 Wizard Words

Lesson 10 Wizard Words

Extra! Extra!



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