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Subject and Object Pronouns Fact and Opinion Adjectives and Articles
Go for Grammar Gold

Binky's Fact and Opinion

Quia Fact or Opinion

StudyZone Fact or Opinion - Solar System

StudyZone Fact or Opinion - Dinosaurs

Fact or Opinion Practice

Polar Bears Fact or Opinion

Adjectives Interactive Learning Movie

Grammar Blast

EZSchool Adjectitves Game

Adjective Drop Game

Theme Comparing with Adjectives Figurative Language
Recommended books by Theme



Fling the Teacher Game

Quia Figurative Language Game

Drag and Drop Metaphors

Simile Practice

Figurative Language True or False

Simile Quiz

Possessive Pronouns Adjust Reading Rate Follow Written Directions

Possessive Pronouns Quiz

Possessive Pronouns

A Very Tricky Challenge

BBC - Following Instructions

Narrative Forms Self-Correcting Wizard Words

The Narrative Forms we discuss are:

(1) fable

(2) folktale

(3) fairytale

(4) myth

(5) tall tale

(6) pourquoi tale

Animals Myths and Legends

Cherokee Stories


Thanks to Mr. Ross Cooper from Wescosville Elementary for sharing these!

Lesson 16 Wizard Words

Lesson 17 Wizard Words

Lesson 18 Wizard Words

Lesson 19 Wizard Words

Lesson 20 Wizard Words

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