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Dash and Dot's Halloween Coding Challenge


1. Dash and Dot go trick or treating together every year on Halloween and they always dress up in clever disguises. Create costumes for Dash and Dot using only the props on the table. Be sure to be creative to earn the full amount of points. (10 points) Bonus points if you can match Dot and Dash as a partner duo.

Team One Dress up


Team Two Dress up




2. It’s time for Dash and Dot to trick or treat. But first, Dash must pick up Dot who lives around the corner from his home.


Set up: Place Rubik’s cubes (as houses) on the following cells

DO, D2, D4, D6, D8

E1, E3, E5, E7


Place Dash anywhere in row A to start.

  • Place Dot on top of his home (a Rubik's cube) in the proper cell: I3 ( for team one) and I8 (for team 2).
  • Then have Dash maneuver around the Rubik’s cubes without crashing into them in order get to Dot’s house.
  • Dash must unlock Dot's front door by properly solving the white cross and white edges on the Rubik’s cube.
  • Then Dash must ring Dot’s doorbell (code a sound) and greet Dot with an official greeting (record a unique greeting).
  • The first team to complete this challenge wins. (10 points)

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3. Dash is a good friend who teaches his pal, Dot, proper Halloween safety. Dash shows Dot where they can safely trick or treat in their neighborhood.



  • Dash must draw a circle around all of the homes in the neighborhood where Mama Dash says the two robots can trick or treat.
  • First draw a map of the houses in Dash's neighborhood on a grid (Refer to the set up in challenge 2).
  • Code Dash to draw a circle. (You may not push Dash.)
  • Use markers and tape to have Dash draw a circle around the map of the neighborhood houses with a marker.
  • The first team to successfully complete this challenge wins! (10 points)


4. It’s time for the Dash and Dot pajama party. Hooray! Mama Dash sets out apples for them to bob for. Place an apple in cell C3 (team one) and C8 (team two) Start Dash anywhere in row A. Dash must reach the apple and take a bite (record a crunching sound). Then Dash must shove his apple back to any cell in row A! (10 points)


6. Mama Dash tells her little robots to count their candy. Create a shovel for Dash using cardboard and masking tape. Dash begins anywhere in column 0 (team one) and column 8 (team two) and has 1 minute to scoop up as much candy as possible and shove it back into the column at the opposite side of the grid where his pal, Dot, is waiting. But be quick, because Mama Dash says bedtime is near. The “Dash” with the most candy in his bag before Mama calls lights out wins. (10 points)



Happy Halloween from all of the students in room 105, Dash, Dot and Mrs. Dweck.

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