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Reflection Options for Hatchet


Below are a variety of ways that you can respond to Hatchet each week. Prepare ONE of these roles and record your notes on a Google Doc. Then share it with me before our session. Make sure your response relates to the CHAPTERS you read for homework. Post your response in paragraph form. Include an opening and closing sentence, at least, 8 detailed sentences (This does not include opening and closing sentences) and cite evidence or logical thinking to back up point of view. Follow the directions under the response you’ve chosen. Finally, vary your responses so that you get the chance to do a different type of response each time your group meets.


Proofread your response before sharing with me, Mrs. Dweck. Check: spelling, grammar, capitalization AND ask yourself, “Does this response reflect my best efforts?” If not, revise.


____ Predictor

The predictor’s job is to guess 3-5 events that might happen in future chapters based upon what you read for homework. Explain WHY you made your predictions.


____ Connector

The connector’s job is to explain what you have in common with a character or situation in the book. Please be specific about something that happened in the CHAPTERS you read for homework. Don’t say, “Brian is a boy and I’m also a boy.” Instead, make a connection with Brian based on something that happened in the chapters you read for homework.


____ Passage Picker

The passage picker’s job is to find a passage (1 to 4 paragraphs) that was moving in some way. Maybe it was emotional, important, or gave a clue to something that might happen later. Your job is to write down the page number of the passage you chose, and write down why you decided that this passage was important. During sharing time, read the passage aloud to your group. Then explain to them why you chose that particular passage.


____ Book Jumper

The book jumper’s job is to “jump” into the book by choosing to “become” Brian. Explain what decisions you would make that are the SAME as the ones Brian actually made and which decisions you would make that are DIFFERENT from the ones that Brian actually made.


____ Author Critique

The author critique’s job is to compliment or give criticism to Gary Paulsen’s writing

style based on the chapters you read for homework. You may choose to explain what you liked about his writing style and/or what you don’t like. You may also choose to explain how YOU would change parts of the text if you were the editor to the author’s text. Would you add

more details? Take away details? Use different vocabulary?


____ Complimentor

The complimentor’s job is to compliment Brian for his excellent character. For example, perhaps Brian showed exemplary signs of leadership, friendship, loyalty, trust, honesty, compassion, love, respect, responsibility, etc. Praise his behavior in this week’s reading assignment. Give examples and reasons why you’re complimenting him. If you were their parent, teacher, or a police officer, how would you reward them?


____ Character Critique

The character critique’s job is to critique Brians BAD behavior or lack of good character. For example, perhaps he showed signs of greed, rage, revenge, hatred, dishonesty, disrespect, irresponsibility, self centeredness, etc. Reprimand him  in the story for his inappropriate

behavior. If you were their parent, teacher, or a police officer, how would you

punish him?


____ Mood Maker

Describe any emotional scene in the story, and how it made you feel when you read it. For example, you might describe parts that were exciting,depressing, tense, suspenseful, scary, stressful, hilarious, etc. Then explain how you felt or reacted when reading those parts. Note the page numbers of the parts of the book you are reporting on in your entry.


____ Scene Elaborator

The scene elaborator’s job is to explain in detail what happened during a favorite scene in the chapters you read for homework. What made this scene particularly noteworthy in your opinion?

What did it remind you of? How did you react to the scene? NOTE THE PAGE NUMBER.


____ Help Seeker

The help seeker’s job is to write down the things that confused you about the chapters you read for homework, and to ask your group for clarification. Number each question and then write what you THINK it might have meant.



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