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Novel Writing Assignments

Please remember to complete all assignments by the assigned deadline. 

If you miss three assignment deadlines (without extenuating circumstances) you are out of the writing club. Cry


Part III: Outlining your Plot

Deadline:  12/19/2017

Refer to the examples from the story about Boris in your Nano packet. Use detail and dialogue. Nano Packet is in your Google Drive. You can also access it here on this link on pp. 21-30.


This is an extremely important part of your planning. Be thoughtful in answering each question. Give detailed and thorough responses. No one word answers!


1. Describe Your Setup

In one to two paragraphs, describe a scene that introduces your characters, your setting, and the main conflicts in your story. You may want to review your Conflict responses before you do this.


2. Describe Your Inciting Incident

In one paragraph, describe the event that causes your protagonist to begin his or her adventure.

3. Describe Some of Your Rising Action:

Write a list of five events that build up to the climax of your novel. Don’t forget to include your protagonist, antagonist and supporting character(s)!







4. Describe Your Climax:

In one paragraph, describe what will happen in the climax of your novel. This is the high point of the story or turning point. It could be where the protagonist and antagonist face off.


5. Describe Your Falling Action:

In one to two paragraphs, describe what happens after the climax. Does your protagonist get what he or she wants? Does the antagonist get defeated? How?


6. Describe Your Resolution:

In one to two paragraphs, describe how everything works out in the very end. Is it a happy ending? Sad? Remember to show how your characters changed because of their journey. Is he or she braver, smarter, kinder? What lesson(s) did he or she learn?



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