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4th Grade Homework

May 27th

Math -

Hanlon - 

Healy - 

Hanssen - 

Schiffert - 

Social Studies - 

Hanlon - None

Hanssen - None

Science -

Healy - None

Schiffert - None

Language Arts - 

1) What do goblins and ghosts drink when 
they're hot and thirsty on Halloween?
2) What is a Mummie's favorite type of music?
3) Why do demons and ghouls hang out 
4) What do you call a witch who lives at the 
5) Why do ghosts go to the disco?
6) Where do young gremlins go to learn?
7) Why didn't the skeleton tango?
8) Why are turkeys spooky?
9) What tops off a ghost's ice cream sundae?
10) What is a vampires favorite holiday? (It’s 
not Halloween.)
11) Which building does Dracula visit in New 
12) What are the two most frightening states?
13) What do you get when you cross a black cat 
with a lemon?
14) What instrument do skeletons play?
15) Why did skeleton always chicken out?
16) Why are vampires so annoying?
17) What's a ghosts favorite pie flavor?
18) What do you call two witches sharing a 
19) Why don't mummies take vacations?
20) Why are witches so calm?
21) What do vampires call their boats?
22) Why do ghouls and demons hang out 
23) What happened to the guy who couldn't 
keep up payments to his exorcist?
24) What is a ghost's favorite TV Crime Show?
25) Why did the ghost haunt the bar?
1) Answer as many as you can.
2) What makes a riddle a good riddle?
3) As a table, make up your own Halloween riddle.
4) How do riddles relate to reasoning?Riddle Answers
1) Ghoul-aid!
2) Wrap!
3) Because demons are a ghouls best friend!
4) A sand-witch.
5) They love to boo-gie.
6) Elementary ghoul.
7) He had no body to dance with.
8) Because they are always goblin.
9) Whipped scream.
10) Fangsgiving.
11) The Vampire State Building.
12) In North and South Scarolina.
13) A sour-puss
14) Trom-BONE.
15) He had no guts.
16) They’re just usually a pain in the neck.
17) Boo-berry!
18) Broommates.
19) They're afraid to unwind.
20) They're afraid of flying off the handle!
21) Blood vessels.
22) Because demons are a ghoul's best friend!
23) He was repossessed.
24) America's Most Haunted.
25) For the Boos.


Other - 



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