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Welcome to my homework page.

A few things to consider when you get homework assigned:

  • You will never be given homework that has not been taught or reviewed so make a sincere effort to complete it.
  • Sometimes concepts don't sink in the first time. It's ok to ask someone for help. 
  • Sometimes life happens and you can't get your homework completed for the next day. Come talk to me about it before class starts. Be honest. I'm reasonable.

Note:  All homework is due on the first school day after it has been assigned unless otherwise indicated. 


September 7, 2016

Middle Level Algebra

     Page 3 of Intro Packet 

     You can access the intro packet by joining Google Classroom. Use the following Codes:

     Period 1: 92fwl63 (that's an lowercase L, not a 1)

     Period 2: jpd1ilt (lowercase L before the t)

     Period 5: 13gc97a

     Period 6: 8co74j

Algebra 2 Honors

     pp. 45-46 in textbook #12 - 15; 45 - 50

September 6, 2016

Middle Level Algebra

     Page 4 of Intro Packet

Algebra 2 Honors

     Pages 7, 8 & 10 of Review Packet


August 29, 2016

Middle Level Algebra

     Page 4 of Intro Packet

Algebra 2 Honors

     Page 3 of Review Packet

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