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   Here I have listed some websites which I found beneficial to both you and your child. I have listed them in seperate categories so you can filter what you are looking for! If you have any other sites which you feel would be beneficial to share with other families, please let me know!



*Educational Sites:*

- Starfall: This site focuses on early literacy skills including word families, letter sounds and blends.

- Spelling City: This site focuses on Spelling and Vocabulary skills. I can enter words your child is working on and they can practice spelling them on here! It also has neat games to play with the words they are working on. 

- PBS Kids: This site is very motivational for our students and allows them to learn through doing. One site the kids like is Word World.

- Harcourt Math: This site reinforces skills the students may already have. It is great practice and easily explained.

-Fun Brain: This site is a fun way to learn various subjects. Students enjoy the games while learning! 

- National Geographic Kids: This site gives GREAT pictures and movies of various REAL LIFE information. We use this, especially for teaching abstract concepts.


*Resource Websites:*

- Lehigh Valley Autism Walk: This site displays the Autism Walk held every year during the month of April at Lehigh Parkway. It's never to early to start raising money for our WES team (Wescosville Wishes)!

- Austism Speaks: This website has many resources for parent's with children having Autism.

- Applied Behavior Analysis: Autism Speaks describes what it is. 

-Verbal Behavior: Dr. Mark L. Sundberg, Dr. Vincent Carbone




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