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How to help your child with homework



  • Set up a clutter free environment.
  • Set a consistent time daily for homework time.  Kids thrive on schedule.  If you wait too long, they will lose interest in wanting to complete the assignment.  The best time is within 10-15 min. after getting home from school.  Provide some exercise and healthy snack, then buckle down!
  • Keep environment distraction free ( No little brothers or sisters, tv in background).  Quite music playing could be beneficial. 
  • Keep routine simple and consistent every day.
  • Kids need important nutrition- provide a healthy snack prior to dinner time while doing homework to keep energy levels where they need to be.
  • Help your child with responsibility- provide them with a list such as: did I have my family member sign my homework book, did I have my parent check my homework, did I put all of my homework back in my purple folder and then in bookbag.
  • Positive reward (verbal-I am so proud of you) for a job well done!  As a fourth or fifth grader, homework is especially important to prepare kids for upper grade levels and middle school.  Encourage your child to do the homework as independently as possible. However, please check your childs homework.  If they are struggling remembering what is taught, please write me an email or jot me a note so I can work with your child.  It is not your job to spend the night teaching! 

 ***Remember, what comes naturally to adults is a learned task to a child!  Guide your child in the right direction to help with organization of materials. *** 

Ways to Practice Spelling and Math Facts that your child struggles with

Use exercise- exercise is a great way to have you child practice a skill that needs working on in a fun way.  Examples... 

  • practice multiplication, division facts, spelling and vocabulary words to:
  • shooting hoops, throwing football, baseball, kicking a soccer ball, hopscotch,tossing a ball back and forth, sidewalk chalk math, and many more
  • type words in and practice any 8 free games
  • tux paint - free download at
  • write words triangular style
  • write words with shaving cream
  • creative story writing
  • creative sentences
  • abc order
  • finger spelling in the air
  • spell words outloud to someone
  • create game
  • crossword puzzle

I can create a more extensive list for you if you would like more examples of wht you can do at home with more specific skills you notice are troubling.  Shoot me an e-mail and I will get back to you.  

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