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Uploaded: 07/22/15 | 8th grade Honor Language Arts Summer Annotated Reading List.doc

Uploaded: 07/22/15 | Auto or Biography nonfiction book report sheet and Interview rubric.doc

Uploaded: 07/22/15 | Auto or Biography nonfiction book report sheet Animito Rubric.doc

Uploaded: 07/22/15 | Auto or Biography nonfiction book report sheet Wix Rubric.doc

Uploaded: 07/22/15 | Biography information gathering sheet.doc

Uploaded: 06/07/16 | Book of poetry rubric.doc

Uploaded: 07/22/15 | Chains essay questions.doc

Uploaded: 09/25/15 | Director’s Cut Assignment.docx

Uploaded: 07/22/15 | Family roots assignment.doc

Uploaded: 07/22/15 | Fiction book report guidelines and rubric.doc

Uploaded: 07/22/15 | Fiction book report paper.doc

Uploaded: 07/22/15 | First page of phrases and clauses test .docx

Uploaded: 07/22/15 | Give Me Liberty Essential Question Essays.doc

Uploaded: 07/22/15 | Honors Revolutionary War Reading PromptsName.doc

Uploaded: 07/22/15 | Honors Summer Reading worksheet for each novel.doc

Uploaded: 07/22/15 | MLA Formatting Guide for Essays.doc

Uploaded: 04/08/16 | Multiple Intelligence Occupation WorksheetName.docx

Uploaded: 07/22/15 | Multiple Intelligence Unit Project rubric.docx

Uploaded: 04/08/16 | Multiple Intelligences Paper Survey.doc

Uploaded: 07/22/15 | On-level Rev. War Novel Reading Prompts.doc

Uploaded: 07/22/15 | Online game URLs for sentence structure and clauses only.doc

Uploaded: 07/22/15 | Or Give Me Death essay questions.doc

Uploaded: 07/22/15 | Plot elements-narratives-glow and up the slide WS.doc

Uploaded: 07/22/15 | Reading Questions for The trouble with Television with prompt.doc

Uploaded: 07/22/15 | Root prefix suffix worksheet find the word with word bank.doc

Uploaded: 09/25/15 | Soundtrack blank chart template for summer reading project.docx

Uploaded: 07/22/15 | The Furnished Room.doc

Uploaded: 07/22/15 | The Tell Tale Heart Activity Packet.doc

Uploaded: 07/22/15 | Vocabulary Exercise Homework Sheet.doc

Uploaded: 07/22/15 | Where Im From by George Ella Lyon.doc

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