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Puncuation WEBQUEST


  • Complete each of the following sections below by clicking on the links.
  • When you are finished, write your score for each website in the box provided on your WEBQUEST Score Sheet. 
  • To move on to the next activity, you will need a teacher to initial your completion of the previous activity.   
  • You must receive the minimum score provided in order to obtain a teacher initial. 
  •  It is to YOUR ADVANTAGE to read all instructions and presentations in order to score as high as possible, as your highest scores will become your grade. 



  • This WEBQUEST is worth 50 points and must be completed by Friday 1/10
  • You will only have TWO days in class to work on it. 
  • If you are absent, you must complete the sections and PRINT your scores as proof. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Basic Information:

Definition of Fragment:  a group of words that do not express a complete thought; it is only part of a sentence and cannot stand alone.

Example of Fragment:  Playing football on Saturday.  (There is no subject)

Fixed Fragment:  HE WAS playing football on Saturday.

Definition of Run-on or Fused Sentence:  when two complete sentences are separated by a comma (comma splice) or are not separated at all.

Example of Run-on Sentence/Comma Splice:  The meeting seemed to last for hours, nothing was accomplished.

Fixed Run-on Sentence:  The meeting seemed to last for hours. Nothing was accomplished.


Activity 1:  Notes on Fragments and Run-ons

**BE SURE to click open and read through ENTIRE presentation!!


Activity 2:  Sentence Fragments and Run-ons

**Must earn 30/40 to move on to next activity


Activity 3:  Comma Splices EX#1

**Must earn 7/10 to move on to next activity


Activity 4:  Comma Splices EX#2

**Must earn 7/10 to move on to next activity


Activity 5:  Run-ons

**Must earn 7/10 to move on to next activity


Activity 6:  Fragments

**Must earn 7/10 to move on to next activity


Activity 7:  Clauses

**Must earn 7/10 to move on to next activity


Activity 8:  Run-ons

**Must earn 7/10 to move on to next activity


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