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When the children are engaged in the Daily 5, the teacher is working with a small group of children or with a student one on one. This is the time when he/she teaches Guided Reading and Guided Writing. Small Guided Reading groups are made up of no more than 6 children who are each reading a book from their personal book bag. This means that they are reading books that are on their independent level. The instructor teaches or reinforces a reading strategy that focuses on one of the following: decoding, fluency, comprehension, vocabulary. Each child then takes a turn reading to the teacher while the others in the group continue reading their books independently. This allows the teacher to focus on each child's reading strengths and needs.

What is Guided Reading?

Guided reading takes place when the teacher reads with students in a small group or one on one. Guided reading is used to teach students how to use reading strategies to improve their reading from an instructional level to an independent level. Guided reading also allows the teacher to provide "prescriptive instruction" or "differentiated instruction" to students based on needs and strengths. No longer are students grouped simply according to reading level, but more based on areas of need and interest.The teacher uses guided reading for continuous observation and assessment. This assessment is important because Guided Reading is done in flexible groups that reflect children's changing abilities and needs. Sometimes Guided Reading also includes the use of technology!



What is Guided Writing?

"Writing is learned through apprenticeships, as teachers assist students during writing using guided practice. Many students need this expert guidance in a small-group context, particularly as they attempt to bridge the gap between the teacher's demonstration and modeling and their own independent writing.

Young writers have a limited control over strategies for writing. These writers do, however, learn strategic behavior for writing when these strategies are taught to them in clear and supportive ways. When authentic and targeted modeling of the ways in which writers work is presented by teachers and co-constructed with students during collaborative, rich discussion, learners develop understanding of the purposes, intrinsic motivation, and techniques of writing. Several excellent frameworks for writing instruction accomplish these goals, including modeled, shared, interactive, guided or independent writing. During guided writing instruction, in particular, students are provided with opportunities to experience successful and independent writing within the context of strong teacher support."




The East Penn School District is an equal opportunity education institution and will not discriminate in its educational programs, activities or employment practices on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, ancestry, disability, union membership or other legally protected classification. Announcement of the policy is in accordance with state and federal laws, including Title VI, Title IX, Section 504 and Americans with Disabilities Act. Copyright 2009 East Penn School District.
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