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     The following example of an Annotated Works Cited page is based on section 5.3.2 of the MLA Handbook (7th edition). Annotations are brief descriptive or evaluative remarks about your used sources...commentary which "accurately and incisively--but not cryptically--distill[s] the essence of works" (Harner 28).


                                                                                                                     Bower 13

                                             Annotated List of Works Cited 

Austen, Jane. Sense and Sensibility. Ed. Stephanie Stark. London: Penguin, 2002.

           Print. A combination of the primary source and a brief section of literary


 Bellemaster, John, and Margaret White. Females in the Eighteenth-Century Novel.

            New York: Feminist, 1990. Print. A look at the role of women in

            eighteenth-century England in direct comparison to their depiction in

            the novels of Jane Austen.

 Lewis, C. S. “A Note on Jane Austen.” Discovering Authors. Online ed. Detroit:

           Gale, 2003. Student Resource Center – Gold. Web. 15 Oct. 2009.

 * An examination of a common pattern of 

           discovery and re-interpretation involving the four heroines of Northanger 

           Abbey, Sense and Sensibility, Mansfield Park, and Emma.          

 Reinstein, P. Gila. “Moral Priorities in Sense and Sensibility.” Renascence. 35.4

           (Summer 1983): 269-283. Rpt. In Novels for Students. Ed. David A. Galens.

           Vol. 18. Detroit: Gale, 2003. 269-283. Literature Resource Center. Web. 19

           Oct. 2009.* A study of the morality exhibited by

          the protagonists of several Austen novels but focusing primarily on

          Sense and Sensibility.

 Youngkins, Clarissa. "English Women in St. James's Park." Smithsonian British Collection.

           9 August 1972. AccuNet/AP Multimedia Archive. Web. 26 Oct. 2010. An archival

           image illustrating a strong bond between sisters.



Annotations only appear in red bold print for easier viewing.

*URL inclusion is at the discretion of the subject teacher and not mandated by MLA.

 Work Cited: Harner, James L. On Compiling an Annotated Bibliography. New York:

                             Modern Language Association of America, 2000. Print.


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