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MLA Citation Style Guide - 7th Edition

Library's Yellow MLA Sheet (for English coursework)

BOOKS – Author’s name.  Title of book: include subtitle.  Place: publisher, date.  Medium of publication = Print.



Costa, Richard Hauer.  H. G. WellsNew York:  Twayne,

     1967.  Print.


Rossignol, Rosalyn.  Chaucer A to Z:  The Essential Reference

     to His Life and WorksNew York: Facts, 1999.   Print.


TWO OR THREE AUTHORS (3+, use et al.)

Hussey, Maurice, A. C. Spearing, and James Winny.  An

     Introduction to Chaucer.   CambridgeCambridge UP,

     1965.  Print.


EDITOR (compilation or no separate authors)

Galens, David, ed. “Dracula.”  Novels for StudentsDetroit:

      Gale, 2003.  22-34.  Print.



Henry, Mary Ann.  “Announcing Bus Changes with

     Flair.” Time 4 July 1991: 71-76.  Print.


WORK IN AN ANTHOLOGY (works containting chapters with signed articles or separate authors)

Mescallado, Ray.  “Stephen King.”  Magill’s Survey

     Of American Literature.  Ed. Steven G. Kellman.

     Rev. ed.  PasadenaSalem, 2007. 1347-1359.  Print.


McEwen, Fred B.  “Ivanhoe.”  Beacham’s

     Encyclopedia of Popular Fiction.  Ed. Mark W. Scott. 

     Vol. 12.  Detroit:  Gale, 2000.  187-194.   Print.


Hoffman, William.  “Joseph Wambaugh.”  Critical Survey of

     Long Fiction.  Ed. Carl Rollyson.  2nd ed.  Hackensack:

     Salem, 2000.  3354-3359.  Print.



name of author, name of part capitalized

no quotation marks or underlining

Trotter, David.  Introduction.  Great Expectations.  By Charles

     Dickens.  New York:  Penguin, 1996.  vii-xx.  Print.


 REPRINTS (previously published articles or books reprinted in a new source)  Use for CLC, TCLC, NCLC, SSC, Modern Critical Views, Readings on, Modern Critical Interpretations, Collection of Critical Essays, Novels and SS for Students, Bloom’s Notes


 ARTICLES (cite periodical info.  Rpt. in book info)

Hutson, Richard.  “Exile Guise:  Irony and Hart Crane.”

     Mosaic 2 (1969):  71-86.  Rpt. in Hart Crane:

     A Collection of Critical Essays.  Ed. Alan  Trachtenberg.

     Englewood Cliffs:  Prentice-Hall, 1982.  131-149.    Print.


Guthrie, William Norman.  “The Rime of the Ancient

     Mariner as Prophecy.”  Sewanee Review  (1898):

     200-13.  Rpt. in Nineteenth Century Literature Criticism.

     Ed. James E. Person, Jr.. Vol. 54.  Detroit:  Gale, 1996:

     66-72.  Print.


Bayley, John.  “Fictive Lightness, Fictive Weight.”   

     Salmagundi.  (1987):  84-92.  Rpt. in Novels

     for Students.  Ed. David Galens.  Vol. 18.  Detroit:

     Gale, 2003.  216-221.  Print.


BOOKS (cite book info. Rpt. in book info.)

Wilder, Amos Niven.  “A Brother’s Perspective.”  Thornton

     Wilder and his Public.  N.p.:  Augsburg, 1980. 

     Rpt. in Readings on Thornton Wilder.  Ed. Bruno Leone. 

     San Diego:  Greenhaven,  1998.  43-52.  Print.


Wain, John.  “Romeo and Juliet.”  The Living World of

     Shakespeare: A Playgoer’s GuideNew YorkSt. Martin’s,

     1964.  107-8.  Rpt. in William Shakespeare’s Romeo and

     Juliet.  Ed. Harold Bloom.  Broomall:  Chelsea, 1996.  48-49. 

     Print. Bloom’s  Notes.


REVIEW OF (reviewer, title of review.  Rev. of title

by author, etc.)


Review in CLC

Kramer, Jane.  Rev. of  The Woman Warrior by Maxine

     Hong Kingston.  New York Times Book Review 11 Nov.

     1976:  n. pag. Rpt. in Contemporary Literary Criticism

     Ed. Dedria Bryfonski.  Detroit: Gale Research, 1980. 

     312.   Print.






SUBSCRIPTION DATABASE (original information, database information, access information).  Medium of publication = Web.  No URL unless required by your teacher. 


Student Resource Center

 “Ernest (Miller) Hemingway.”  Discovering  Authors

     Online Edition. Gale, 2003.  Student Resource Center.  

     Web.  21 March 2004.



Jones, Paul Christian. “A Re-awakening: Anne  Tyler’s

Postfeminist Edna Pontellier in Ladder of Years." Critique (2003): 271-274. Platinum Periodicals.  Proquest.  Web

9 Sept. 2005. 


Literature Resource Center

Handy, William J.  “A New Dimension for a Hero:  Santiago

      of ‘Old Man and the Sea.’”  Contemporary Novels

      [Austin]:  Texas UP, 1962:  62-69. 

      Literature Resource Center. Web.  11 Nov. 2004.


Opposing Viewpoints
Mahler, K.  “Adoption is a Beneficial Alternative to

     Teenage Parenting.”  Teen Pregnancy and Parenting

     Ed. Helen Cothran.  Current Controversies Series. 

     N.p.:  Greenhaven Press, Opposing Viewpoints Resource

CenterWeb.  11 Nov. 2004.


Gale Virtual Reference Library

“Pride and Prejudice.” Novels for Students. Ed.

     Diane Telgen. Vol. 1. Detroit:  Gale, 1997.  282-

     305. Gale Virtual Reference Library.

     Web. 14 Jan. 2008


“1754-1783: Lifestyles, Social Trends, and Fashion:

      Publications.” American Eras. Vol. 3: The

      Revolutionary Era, 1754-1783. Detroit: Gale,

      1997. 262. Gale Virtual Reference Library.

      Web. 14 Jan. 2008




Gale Literature Criticism Online

Olivares, Julian. “Sandra Cisneros.  The House on Mango

     Street, and the Poetics of Space.”  Americas Review  (1987):

     160-70.  “Sandra Cisneros (1954-).”  Contemporary

    Literary Criticism.  Ed. Tom Burns and Jeffrey W. Hunter.

    Vol. 193. Detroit: Thomson Gale, 2005.  1-136. Literature

    Criticism Online.  Web.  8 December 2008.


Web Publications


Periodical Article on the Web

MacInnes, Ian.  “Cheerful Girls and Willing Boys:

     Old and Young Bodies in Shakespeare’s Sonnets.”

     Early Modern Literary Studies  6.2 (2000):  1-26.  Early

     Modern Literary Studies Homepage.  Ed. Lisa Hopkins. 

     2000.  Sheffield Hallam University.   Web.  28 July 2004.


Web Source with URL

Hazlitt, William.  Characters of Shakespeare’s Plays.

     London:  C. H. Reynell, 1817.  University of Toronto


     English Library.  Creators  Ian Lancashire, Christopher

     Douglas, and Dennis E. Jerz.  20 January 2002. 

     University of TorontoWeb.  28 July 2004. 





Lee, Stuart and Elizabeth Solopova:  “Tolkein and

     Languages: Ancient and Invented.”  Tolkein at

     Oxford:  UOxford, 2009.  MP3 file.


General Rules for Citing Web Sources


Cite the following, as available, in order:

  1. Name of author (reversed for alphabetizing).
  2. Title of Work (underlined if independent, in “quotes” if part of a larger work).
  3. Title of Overall Website (italicized, if distinct from title of the work).
  4. Version or Edition used (exs. Rev. ed., 7th ed.).
  5. Publisher or Sponsor of site (n.p. if none).
  6. Date of Publication (n.d. if none)
  7. Medium of Publication (Web)
  8. Date of Access
  9. URL if required by your teacher.


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