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The following websites are great places to practice your math skills.  

Have fun and think...I LOVE MATH!

(I apologize if the webpage looks messy...working with technology to fix the glitches while it saves, so it looks the way I designed it.  GRRR!)


General: Math Resources

   Mrs. Cooper's 5th Grade Math Class  


   Order of Operations Millionaire Game

   Order of Operations Game

   Order of Operations Game - Order Op

   Order of Operations Song/Jam! 

   Properties of Multiplication Review & Practice

   Distribution Property Game

   Distributive Property Song/Jam!

   Algebraic Expressions

   Solve for x game

   Evaluate Expressions Activity

   Writing Expressions Activity

   Expressions Millionaire Game

   Number Patterns - Word Problems

   Number Patterns Mission Game

   Number Patterns - Crack the Code

   Function Machine Game

   Functions - Test your Machine

   Function Machine

   Stop that Creature - Function Machines


Place Value-Whole Numbers         Place Value-Decimals

Toon University                                         Scooter Quest

Place Value Pirates - Whole Numbers                           Decimal - Place Value Song/Jam

                                                                               Equivalent Decimals Concentration

                                                                               Decimal Place Value-Football

                                                                      Rounding Decimals Practice

                                                                               Rounding Decimals Baseball

                                                                               Place Value Pirates - Decimals



   Subtracting Decimals - Soccer

    Adding Decimals - Soccer

   + & - Hotel Decimalfornia


    How to Multiply Decimals - Math Playground

   Multiplying Decimals - Hoop Shoot

    Decimal Jeopardy - addition, subtraction & multiplication 

    Cool Math

    Decimal Multiplication Football

    Alien Math - Decimal Multiplication  


    Ordering Decimals 

   Comparing Decimals

   Death to Decimals Game

   Order Decimals Song/Jam!

Prime and Composite Numbers      

  Monkey Driving                                                    

  Fruit Shoot                                                         

  Prime or Composite?                                           

  Prime & Composite Song/Jam!                             



LCM - Fruit Shoot Game

   LCM - Snowball Fight Game

   GCF - Fruit Splat Game

   GCF - Sketch Game

   Factors Game

   Factor Trees

   Prime Factorization Song/Jam!



   Fraction Fun ~ Various Topics

   Estimating Sums and Differences of Fractions

   Math Playground ~  + & - Fractions


   Simplest Form Fractions - PacMan game

   Fruit Splat! - Reducing Fractions

   Simplifying Fractions - Soccer

   Simplifying Fractions - Baseball


   Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers - PacMan

   Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers - Math Playground

   Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions - Math Playground

   Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers game - Ice Cream Shoppe 


   Comparing and Ordering Fractions - 4 game choice

   Tug of War Fractions - Comparing Fractions 


   Math Man ~ + Fractions

   Fruit Shoot ~ Fraction Addition

   Adding & Subtracting Fractions Board Game

   Add & Subtract w/Unlike Demoninators Song/Jam!

   Fruit Splat! - Least Common Denominator 

   IXL ~ + & - Unlike Fractions: Problem Solving

   Virtual Nerd - Video: Subtracting Using Mixed Numbers and Regrouping

   Youtube - Video: Subtracting Fractions Using Improper Fractions


   Ordering Fractions

   Ordering Fractions

   Ordering Fractions Song/Jam!


   Multiplying Fractions - Rap - Multiply Across

   Multiplying Fractions - Snow Sprint

   Multiplying Fractions - Millionaire Game

   Multiplying Fractions - Soccer Math  

   Multiplying Fractions and Whole Numbers Video

   Multiplying Fractions and Whole Numbers - Game

   Multiplying Fractions and Whole Numbers - Game 

   Multiplying Mixed Numbers 


   Dividing Fractions Rap 

   Dividing Fractions Song - Whip 

   Dividing Fractions - Math Playground

   Dividing Fractions - Math Basketball

   Dividing Fractions - Soccer Math

   Dividing Fractions - Moon Shoot

   Dividing Fractions and Whole Numbers

   Dividing Fractions and Whole Numbers

   Fraction Game


Single and Multiple Step Word Problems

   Math Hoops Game

   Word Problems with Katie

   Grand Slam Math

   Best Math Friends 


Geometry                             Probability

   Shape Surveyor - Area & Perimeter                         Calculate Probability

   Area & Perimeter of Rectangles                               Probability Machine

   Radius and Diameter                                             Bamzooki Probability Game

   Geometry - Circle Vocabulary                                  Tree Diagrams Song/Jam!

   Toon University - Angles

   Protractors - Measuring Angles

   Types of Angles Activity

   Plane Figures Activity 

   Virtual Geoboard



   Converting Customary Units - inches to feet

   Converting Customary Units - feet to yards

   Comparing & Converting Customary Units

   Converting Metric Units 

   Metric Millionaire 

   Metric Moonshot

   Metric Ruler Game

   A Metric & Standards Conversion Game

   Liquid Measurement - Artie Ounces - Soda Jerk

   Liquid Measurement - The Great Water Odyssey

   Liquid Measurement - Pour to Score

   Liquid Measurement - Can You Fill It?

   Measurement Hangman

   Choose the Correct Measure



 Single Digit Divisors 

   Snork's Long Division Game

   Cool Math for Kids- Tutorial & Practice

   Cool Math for Kids - Number Monster

   Division Millionaire

   Long Division Tutorial & Practice

   Division - Interpret the Remainder


Double Digit Divisors

   Snork's Long Division


   Calculate - Mean, Median, Mode and Range

   Mean, Median and Mode City

   Bamzooki - Mean, Median, Mode and Range Game 

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