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Favorite Food(s): Ice Cream!  Mr. Faisetty says that's not "a real" food, so I love Italian, Mexican and so many others.  I like to try to cook new things and make Mr. Faisetty and Cole try them!

I love all fruits and vegetables....except for radishes and olives.

Favorite Colors: Red and Coral

Favorite Flowers: Lilacs, Lily of the Valley and Poppies

Favorite Animals: Giraffe, Ducks, Elephants and our dog, Lola 

Favorite Beverage: Apple cider...I love all things fall!  I also like hot tea. 

Favorite Season(s): Fall, Summer, Spring and Winter...ranked in order:) 

Favorite Vacation Spots: Ocean City, NJ and MD! 

Favorite Subject: Math 

Favorite Sport: Cheerleading...Yes, cheerleading is a sport!

Favorite Books: My newest favorite is Peak. I also like Hatchet, Island of the Blue Dolphins, The Trumpet of the Swan, and all the Harry Potter books. 

My Favorite Restaurants: Carraba's, Olive Garden, Santa Fe Taco, The Green Pepper and Wegman's 

Favorite Stores: Target, Barnes and Noble, Dunkin' Donuts (Is that a store?), Gap, Kohl's, Michael's

FavoriteTreats: Nail Polish, Jewelry, Candles, Anything with Caramel on it (apples, sundaes, lollipops, pies)

Favorite Holiday: My birthday! (September 29th) and Halloween...because many people wouldn't think my birthday is a holiday. 

Favorite Hobbies: Spending time with Cole and Mr. Faisetty, Walking, Crafing and Reading

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