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The following are a few websites to help you along your scientific journies!

Explore, discover and learn!


Scientific Method...Extinct or not

          Scientific Method Handout

          What is the Scientific Method? video (Biology4Kids)

          Scientific Method vs. STEM video

   Practice Quizzes 

          Quiz 1                 Quiz 2            Quiz 3


Space...the final frontier!

      Planets For Kids                      NASA- Planet Exploration                 Kids Astronomy

     Enchanted Learning                 The Nine Planets                               Windows to the Universe

     National Geographic                NASA - More Planets


Stars, Stars and More Stars!

     Enchanted Learning                 Different Types of Stars                      Atlas of the Universe

     Stellar Universe                    About Stars                                             Star Chart


Living in Space

    Kid Cyber                          Jaxa Kids - Space Station        NASA - Living in Space

     Jaxa - Space Station        ESA Kids - Life in Space          International Space Station - LIVE!

     Life Aboard the International Space Station - Videos


Scientists and Astronomers

    NASA website                                                           - Famous Astronomers

   Science Channel: Famous Scientists You Should Know          Kids Astronomy

   Star Teach - Astronomy Education  


Earth...What's it Made of?

   Kids' Geology                                                       Science Monster - Earth's Layers

   Science for Kids - Earth's Layers                      The Layers of the Earth



   The Rock Cycle

         The Interactive Rock Cycle 


       Burke Museum                                               Science - E learning - Fossils

        Melbourne Museum


 Weather Extremes

        Extreme Weather Types                              Weather Wiz Kids

        Discovery Kids: Extreme Weather              Kids Ahead! - Extreme Weather

        Ready! - Extreme Weather    



           Scholastic - Introduction Video: Biomes

           Philadelphia Zoo website

    Biome Research         

        Blue Planet Biomes                    Kids Do Ecology: World Biomes        Kids Konnect: Biomes

         Enchanted Learning: Biomes      NASA: Biomes                                   Kids Discover: Biomes

         Ducksters: World Biomes         Soft Schools: Biomes                        Fact Monster: Biomes

         World Biomes


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