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Use your brain and your computer!

 Check out the pages below and practice these new skills at home.








Listen to reading Spellingcity Garage Sale (Counting change) Parts of speech review





Chicken stacker

Counting money Nouns and verbs Harcourt telling time



Basic addition Place value hockey Sight word BINGO Spelling practice



Money BINGO Base ten BINGO Comparing numbers Basic subtraction



Counting money Drop sum Proofreading Fix the sentence



Pacman subtraction Pacman addition Math facts shootout

Telling Time





Adjectives Counting money Do I have enough? Two digit addition



Fix the clock Noun dunk Cash out (change) Two digit subtracting



Fishing for plural nouns Irregular plurals Adjectives Comparing adjectives



Sentence Parts Nouns and pronouns Verbs Matching irregular plurals



Adjectives Capitals and periods More adjectives Parts of speech





Punctuation Capitals Nouns Verbs





Dictionary game


**A favorite from last year!

Place value Lunch lady (counting money)



Bat game!

Vowel digraph

Fruit shoot    (counting cents)

**A favorite from last year!

Fruit shoot 2 (counting dollars and cents)



Fruit shoot addition Compound word matching Compound word games Proper nouns



Common or proper noun Find the proper noun Catch the noun!

Addition facts

(One minute practice)



Addition games Subtraction games Shape invaders

Dolphin Dash






Math word problems Math fact baseball

Describing words


Fraction golf





Solid shapes Suffixes Homophones

What part of speech?

(noun, verb, adjective)





Prefix or suffix?

Plant life


Solar System


Fact and opinion



Past tense verbs

Basketball shoot out

(Past tense verbs)

Penalty shoot out

(Past tense verbs)

Matching past tense pairs




Image result for magnifying glass


-ey and -y Adjective Dectective

TuxPaint is a free painting software package availabe to students at home. You can install this award-winning program from this site.

Make sure that you download and install both the program and the stamps package.

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