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¡Hola, y Bienvenidos a la clase
de Señorita Kannenberg!
8th grade, español
  Tips for students;

Learning another language can be very difficult, but not impossible. I lived in Ecuador as an exchange student in high school, and I did not speak any Spanish at the time. Learning Spanish was frustrating but I did it, and I'm sure you can too. There are many resources for you to use to help with homework and studying. Listed below are three tips for using your computer to help you learn Spanish. The computer can help you make flashcards, help you prepare for a quiz or a test, or help you find a word that may not be in the glossary of you textbook.

  Tip # 1

Don't Panic. Click on mouse for link to for study help. The textbook, ¡En español! has a site that has flashcard games, and an online quiz for each chapter of the book.

Tip #2

Translation web sites do not do a good job of translating large amounts of text. The translation often does not make sense. They are fine for a few words at a time, but sentences and paragraphs become jumbled and confusing. You will learn more Spanish if you use the computer as a tool, not allowing the computer to do the work for you. Click on the computer for translation help.


Tip #3

Successful Spanish students spend time reviewing what they have learned in class almost daily. I recommend making flashcards, reviewing notes, and exploring the online Spanish tutorial. Click on the dragon for a link to an online Spanish tutorial that reviews many topics we learn in class.


Tip #4

Use to create your own flashcards and games using the vocabulary words from the textbook.  This site will help you learn the words as well as how to spell them.  You can share sets of vocabulary words with your classmates and challenge your friends.


Don't give up. Help is always available.
Hasta Luego.

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