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Students are introduced to many new concepts in fifth grade. Having basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts memorized will go a long way toward helping students learn and master new skills. Please click on the following links for fun math fact practice.

Pizza Pizzazz - Multiplication

Monster Math - Multiplication

Multi-Flyer - Multiplication

Math Fact Practice 

Fact Monster

There is a big focus on developing critical thinking and problem solving skills in addition to learning new concepts in fifth grade. You will see a lot of real-world problems that use the mathematical concepts being taught, in addition to basic skill practice. The links below provide practice for many of the skills being taught in fifth grade.

Whole Number Place Value

IXL - Place Value

Place Value Football

Place Value Racing

Decimal Place Value

Place Value Pirates

Place Value Football

Rounding Decimals

IXL - Decimal Place Value

Balloon Pop - Ordering Decimals

Ordering Game

IXL - Ordering Decimals

Power of Ten/Exponents

Multiply/Divide by Powers of Ten

Power of Ten Instructional Videos

Multiply by Powers of Ten Practice

Exponent Pirates

Compare Exponents

Add & Subtract Decimals

Add Decimals Soccer

Subtracting Decimals Baseball

Adding Decimals Basketball

Hotel Decimalfornia +/- Decimals

Alien Math Decimal Subtraction

Multiply Whole Numbers

Multiply with Zeros

Multiply One-Digit by Multi-Digit Numbers

Multiplication Jeopardy

Multi-Digit Multiplication

Multiplication Baseball

Lattice Multiplication

Multiply Decimals

Hoop Shot Decimal Multiplication

Decimal Cruncher

Decimal Multiplication

Divide Whole Numbers

Snorks Long Division

Long Division Practice


Double-Digit Divisor Division **Make sure you select 2-digit divisor and 4-digit dividend

Divide Decimals

Decimal Cruncher **Choose medium difficulty

Multiply & Divide Decimal Practice

Order of Operations

Order Ops

Order of Operations Millionaire Game

Order of Operations

Math Man

PEMDAS Blaster

Numerical Expressions & Patterns

Expressions Millionaire

Function Machine

Function Machine 2

Patterns & Relationships

Beginning Fraction Concepts

Fruit Splat - Prime & Composite Numbers

Monkey Drive - Prime & Composite Numbers

Multiples & LCM Practice

Pumpkin Multiples

Least Common Multiples Snowball Fight

Factors Millionaire Game

Fruit Splat - Greatest Common Factor

Sketch's World - Greatest Common Factor

Equivalent Fractions Space Game

Equivalent Fractions Matching

Mathman - Simplifying Fractions

Reducing Fractions Splat

Convert Mixed Numbers

Convert Improper Fractions

Mathman - Convert Mixed Numbers

Clara Fraction - Improper/Mixed Numbers Game

Add & Subract Fractions

Add & Subtract Fractions

Mathman - Add & Subtract Fractions

Fruit Splat - Add Fractions

Speedway Fractions

Soccer Fractions

Add & Subract Mixed Numbers

IXL Add Mixed Number Practice

IXL Subtract Mixed Number Practice

Add & Subtract Mixed Number Word Problems

Multiply & Divide Fractions

Multiply Fractions Soccer

Multiply Fractions Millionaire

Snowsprint Multiply Fractions

Multiply Mixed Numbers Practice

Multiply Mixed Numbers Pizza

Divide Fractions Soccer

Divide Fractions Basketball

Divide Fractions Moonshoot

Divide Mixed Numbers Word Problems

Multiply & Divide Fractions Jeopardy

Add/Subtract/Multiply/Divide Fractions Word Problems

Coordinate Grid/Ordered Pairs


Math Pup

Whale Adventure

2-Dimensional Shapes

2-D Shape Concentration

Classify Shapes


Polygon Practice


Quadrilateral Shape Game

Shape Elimination Game


Metric Length Conversion Game

All Measuremnt Conversion

Horrendous Soup

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