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The Daily 5

Daily 5 words you may hear your child using: 

"Good Fit Books"  "IPICK" 

"Build Stamina" "EEK Style"

The Daily 5 is a framework used in the classroom to help students develop independent literacy habits.  The Daily 5 is a series of literacy tasks which students complete independently while the teacher works with small groups.  During this time, I will be meeting with small guided reading and writing groups.  The 5 tasks the students are asked to do are:

Read to Self

Students will have the opportunity to read "good fit" books to themselves.  Monitoring comprehension will be a goal during this center.

Read to Someone

Students will be reading with a partner to increase their fluency and strengthen their comprehension.  Each student will learn how to become a reading coach for their partner.

Work on Writing

Students will be working on different forms of writing during this time.

Word Work

Students will be working on spelling patterns and robust vocabulary words during this time.


Listen to Reading

Students will listen to books on a CD, online stories, and a teacher read "read-a-loud" story.  Students will learn how to journal and make predictions and strategies to check for understanding while they listen.

In addition students will:


Students will work on specific assignments during this time.

Guided Reading/Guided Writing

Students work in small groups with the teacher.

**Each Student will need a Canvas type bag for "Read to Self" to keep their "Good Fit" books in.


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