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AP US Assignments

Tuesday                     April 18          Chapter 28 presentation, pages 902-919

Wednesday               April 19          pages 919-933 Days of Rage, 1968-1972

Thursday                   April 20          Chapter 29 presentation, pages 936-950

Friday                         April 21          pages 950-964 Reform and Reaction in the 1970s


Monday                      April 24          Chapter 30 presentation, pages 972-981

Tuesday                     April 25          Vietnam Guest Speaker

Wednesday               April 26          pages 981-999 The Dawning of the Conservative Age

Thursday                   April 27          Chapter 31 presentation, pages 1002-1020

Friday                         April 28          Vietnam Draft Activity


Monday                      May 1             pages 1020-1033 The Clinton Presidency, 1993-2001

Tuesday                     May 2             Unit 14 Test Part 1 (open book), primary sources due

Wednesday               May 3             Unit 14 Test Part 2 (open book)

Thursday                   May 4             AP Test review

Friday                         May 5             AP US Exam








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