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American Studies II Honors

            The American Studies II Honors course focuses on the development and growth of the American nation from the progressive period to the present.  It takes a topical chronological approach to study selected periods and movements in American history including: progressivism, World War I, the 1920s,  Great Depression, New Deal,  World War II, Korean Conflict (War), civil rights movement, Vietnam Conflict (War), Cold War decades, and  Persian Gulf Conflicts (Wars).  The course highlights this nation’s growth as an international, political, economic, and nuclear power. 

            American Studies II Honors is not an automatic continuation of the ninth grade course, but rather places a much higher level of demands on you.  Students in this class must demonstrate high achievement and a keen interest in United States social, political, and economic development.  They will master facts, examine chronology of events, and understand cause and effects in order to develop a higher level of historical understanding.  This course will include outlining, nightly readings, note-taking, report writing, oral presentations, primary source readings, library research, essays, guest speakers, interviews, and test taking.

Quest for the Distant Past Honors
This honors course traces the development of human history and culture throughout the Paleolithic and Neolithic time periods. The timeframe for this course includes the emergence of certain hominids around 4.5 million years ago to the dawn of civilization in the Fertile Crescent around 5,000 years ago. Topics include famous fossil discoveries, important archeological discoveries and cultural and artistic breakthroughs.  There will also be a local history piece relating to the Native Americans of the Lehigh Valley.  Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs and Steel will be read and analyzed throughout the semester.
History of Western Philosophy Honors

This honors course is an introduction to the fundamentals of western philosophy. It explores philosophical reflection and examination of some central questions of human existence.  Students will read and discuss the thoughts of philosophers from ancient Greece to modern times. Throughout this semester students will consider:     

  • Metaphysical questions concerning the nature of reality, mind-body, personal identity, consciousness, freedom, and determination.

  • Epistemological questions regarding the nature of knowledge and truth.

  • Ethical questions about morality and the good life.

Primary sources from the major western philosophers will be utilized to acquire higher level thinking. Additionally, Plato’s The Republic will be read and analyzed throughout the semester.  


Advanced Placement United States History

      This college level course examines the development of the United States from pre-Columbian societies to today.  The curriculum is designed to provide students with the analytical skills and factual knowledge necessary to deal critically with the problems and materials in American history.

     AP United States History is a very fast paced course given the extensive amount of history which needs to be covered.  It is assumed that one has a keen interest and knowledgeable background in American history.  Strong reading and writing skills along with a willingness to devote considerable time to homework and nightly readings (10-20 pages), are necessary to succeed.  


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