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Welcome to Language Arts !!! Currently we are participating in the 30 Book Challenge....see the link in my menu bar to learn more about this awesome reading challenge.....

Spelling- Spelling is an integral part of our L.A. week. I introduce 20 new spelling words and 6-7 new Robust vocabulary words and their meanings every Monday. On Friday I conduct a written assessment on either/both spelling words and vocabulary words. Students are expected to know how to spell their Robust Vocabulary as they will be required to use theses words in their writing.


Reading- Currently, reading is a whole class learning experience. We will be conducting Guided Reading within the next few weeks to give students a more specific reading experience tailored to your childs individual needs. Presently we are working on improving our fluency and comprehension with a particular focus on summarization, identifying the main idea, characters, setting, plot events, conflict and resolutions to the stories we read. Reading assessments will be conducted on a weekly to bi-weekly basis depending upon the difficulty and length of the chosen text. Reading occurs for a majority of our L.A. time. There is plenty of time allowed for silent reading and read alouds by Mr. O'Connor and I encourage parents to read with their children when possible; particularly non-fiction items such as newspapers, magazines, short biographies and the like.


Writing- Writing development is essential for our 5th Grade students. Conveying thoughts, ideas, and opinions in a concise, orderly, and descriptive written form is the goal for my students. The increased use of descriptive words (adjectives and adverbs) along with the proper use of punctuation and grammar is what I will be looking for in their writing. We work on writing 3x a week primarily converying thoughts and opinions on reading selections or summarizing various genres.



Study Material for "The Daring Nellie Bly"

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