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Mr. Mondschein's
Emmaus High School 

AP Calculus AB Page

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Graphing the Derivative Link


2003 Released Exam Multiple Choice Answers

1997 Released Exam Multiple Choice Answers

1998 Released Exam Multiple Choice Answers

Solutions for textbook

2008 Final Exam Review Sheet
AP Exam Review (When you see, think...)
Volumes of solids demo  Scroll to Volumes of solids demo
Mrs. Stoudt's Homepage.
Sign Line change for AP Exam
Calc Power Pt Presentations
Function Analysis Format Sheet  Set all 4 margins to 0.8” and print in landscape format.
Click on the Problem Number for a complete Solution.
Adobe reader is needed to view the solutions.
Click here to download the free reader.
Polynomials #s:  5, 7 Note: For #7 the point (0,0) is also an inflection point. 
Asymptotes #s: 11 , 13 , 17 , 23
Oblique Asymptotes #s: 67 , 68 , 69 , 70 , 71
Others: #s:  29 , 31 , 33 , 35
Exponential and Logarithmic #s: 43 , 45 , 48 , 53 , 55  , 57
Sec 4.1 Work Sheet
AP FRQ 1995 #3
AP FRQ 2000 #5
Proof of Power Rule for Positive Integer Exponents
Proof of the Product Rule
Proof of the Quotient Rule using the Product Rule
Proof of the Power Rule for Negative Integer Exponents  (Scroll to Page 3)
Download Class Requirements Signature Page

Download Student Data Form

Curve sketching Format sheet.doc
Using Winplot
AP Exam Tips
Common Errors to avoid on the AP Exam
Guidelines for guessing on Multiple Choice Questions
College Board Student Site for AB Calculus
College Board Student Site (All subjects)
AP Exam Credit Policies for specific colleges
Definite Integral WS # 1-5
Definite Integral WS # 6-10
Section 6.4 Pg 405 #39
Section 6.4 Pg 405 #45
Section 6.4 Pg 405 #40
Section 6.4 Pg 405 #46
Euler's Method Work Sheet
Euler's Method Link
United Streaming Video Link  Student Passcode for United Streaming website: 5972-A79E
Mid Term Exam Format
Mid Term - Exam Review Sheet Link
Click for Class Policies
Requires Power Point or Power Point viewer
Click for Power Point Viewer free download
Link for 9.3 Worksheet Solutions Page 1
Link for 9.3 Worksheet Solutions Page 2


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