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 Prepared by

Mr. Richard J. Mondschein
Mathematics Teacher
Emmaus High School

Emmaus PA





PSSA practice test answers

East Penn School District Web Site

Emmaus High School Web Site

Kahn Academy

College Board Advanced Placement Courses Web Site 

List of Colleges with their AP Credit Polcy

Winplot - Free graphing software for download

Mathplotter - Good Free Graphing Web site

Calculator Help Site  

EHS Calculator Policy  

United Streaming Video Link : Student Passcode for United Streaming website:5972-A79E 



The following is a brief list of some of the Mathematics related Web sites that may be helpful to high school students. Please check back frequently as I will be adding new sites as I find them.





Videos to view before class

Derivative Plotter

Calculus Videos

Kahn Academy


Volume Visualizations  Use with Sections 7.2 & 7.3

Visualizing the Derivative

Calculus Problems Very good list of problems with detailed solutions.

Visual Calculus

Good Visual Demonstrations for Calculus (a & other Math topics)

Calc Power Pt Presentations

Derivatives/Integrals Demonstrations

Common Calculus Mistakes (including Calculus)

Calculus Help

Calculus Resources

Other Calculus Links

Midnight Tutor

Calculus Tutorials

HMC Tutorials You type in the function, it gives you the derivative with an explanation

Calculus on the Web Temple U site - interactive

The Calculus Haters Page

UBC Calculus Online Course Notes

Calculus graphics -- Douglas N. Arnold

Learning Calculus

CyberCalc Index

Oh Calculus, Oh Calculus! - The Calculus Page .

Estimation and Limits-- Introduction

The Calculus Archive Project

Applied Calculus

Math Tutorial Links

Dr. Math online tutoring all levels

Dr. Math online tutoring - High School level

Ask Mr. Calculus (Help for all high school math subjects)

Tutoring Services

Algebra on Line

Chinese International School

SAT & Other Test Preparation Sites

SAT Links Page

The Study Hall This site contains study programs for various national tests

Math Site Search Engines

Yahoo Search - Math

Math Forum Quick Reference

Star Tribune Search Site

University of Sydney Australia Math Search site

Case Western Reserve University Search site

Mathematics Archives

Other Math Related Site

OJK PreCalculus Page Good site for review. Lots of examples.

Dave's Short Course in Trig

Exponent Rules Work site

National Science Foundation Home Page

Wiley Home Page (Home page for the Publisher of our AP Calculus textbook)

The Geometry Center (University of Minnesota)

Other Geometry Sites

Texas Instruments Home Page

Study Web - Source of links to all subject areas

The Cornell Theory Center Math & Science Gateway

Calculus Links 


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