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Wacky Wednesday







                        Famous Landmarks/Countries

Big Ben-England                                  Panama Canal- Panama 

Berlin Wall- Germany                           Parthenon- Greece

Canals of Venice- Italy                          Petra- Jordan

Colosseum- Italy                                  Pyramids of Giza- Egypt

Easter Island- Chile                              Pyramid of Kukulkan- Mexico

Eiffel Tower- France                             Red Square- Russia

Empire State Building- USA                  The Rock of Gibraltar- Gibraltar

Gateway Arch- USA                             Sahara Desert- Africa

Golden Gate Bridge- USA                     Sears Tower- USA

Grand Canyon- USA                             Space Needle- USA

Great Barrier Reef- Australia                 St. Peter's Basilica- Italy

Great Wall of China- China                    Sphinx- Egypt

Hoover Dam- USA                                Statue of Liberty- USA

Leaning Tower of Pisa- Italy                  Stonehenge- England

Lincoln Memorial- USA                         Sydney Opera House- Australia

Machu Picchu- Peru                              Taj Mahal- India

Mount Everest- Tibet/Nepal                   Tower of London- England

Mount Fuji- Japan                                 Victoria Falls- Zambia/Zimbabwe           

Mount Kilimanjaro- Africa                      Washington Monument- USA

Mount McKinley- USA                           Western Wall- Israel

Mount Rushmore- USA                         White House- USA

Niagara Falls- USA/Canada                                    

Old Faithful- USA

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